A’s updates on Kevin Kouzmanoff, Coco Crisp; Chris Townsend taking over postgame radio show on 860-AM

It’s a sunny but cool morning at Phoenix Muni. Here’s the day’s news so far in A’s land …

Today’s intrasquad game will be three innings (yesterday it was planned as two). Kevin Kouzmanoff isn’t playing because of his bruised shin, but Bob Geren was hopeful he’d play in tomorrow’s exhibition opener against the Cubs. Eric Chavez gets a planned day off today …

After saying Coco Crisp might not play center field in games until the end of the Cactus League, Geren said this morning it might only be a week or so before Crisp plays defense.

–The A’s issued a press release announcing that Chris Townsend will take over the postgame radio show on 860-AM. Robert Buan still works for the A’s, and he tells me he’ll still be webcasting games down here in AZ, which is good news for fans.

Here are the lineups for today’s intrasquad:

Rajai LF
Sogard 2B
Suzuki C
Carter 1B
Cust DH
Buck RF
Wimberly CF
Whitney 3B
Green SS

Wright P

Other side …

Ellis 2B
Barton 1B
Sweeney DH
Taylor LF
Fox C
Patterson CF
Rosales SS
Brown RF
Petit 3B

Gonzalez P

One last note: With Cactus League games starting tomorrow, I’m happy to report that I can put names with faces for just about every player in the A’s clubhouse by now. There are 63 players on the spring roster, and it takes a while.

Somebody who works for the A’s brought up an interest topic the other morning — the “clubhouse walk-by.” The goal in the clubhouse walk-by is to casually stroll past somebody’s locker, steal a quick glance at the name plate above the locker and figure out who that player is standing there. Hey, it’s not like I’m the only one who has to do this. Even the A’s themselves take a while to get to know their teammates. I’ve seen two players talking, and one of them mentions a name and the other guy scrunches his eyebrows as if to say, “Who?”

That’s spring training for you …

Joe Stiglich