Oakland A’s promo TV commercials: “Hustle meets humor”

Just got a look at some of the A’s commercials for this year’s ad campaign, “Green Collar Baseball.” They’re easily the funniest and most entertaining I’ve seen over the past few years. The players featured in them (Andrew Bailey, Kurt Suzuki, Rajai Davis among them) ham it up pretty good. Some have already started airing on TV. Most will be posted on the A’s Web site by Opening Day, said Jim Leahey, A’s VP of Sales and Marketing.

“Hustle meets humor,” said DJ O’Neil, the creative director of the A’s ad agency, Hub Strategy.

A couple that were my favorites:

–Suzuki blocking the plate while he challenges a bull to charge down the third-base line. The bull (technically it’s a steer) was brought into Phoenix Municipal Stadium and supervised very carefully. “He was a really tame bull,” O’Neil noted.

–A promo for Joe Rudi Jersey Day, tentatively set for June 26. The A’s will wear their gold 1973 uniforms, but in the commercial, Mark Ellis gets confused and shows up in an 1870s uni. Bailey is wearing a handle bar mustache.

Actually, the outtakes they showed to the media were even funnier than the real commercials. Some of those also will be posted online eventually.

Good stuff …

Joe Stiglich