A’s designate Jack Cust for assignment; Eric Chavez will be DH; Travis Buck to start in left field

You’ll have plenty to read in tomorrow’s paper about the A’s many intriguing moves today. Here’s the highlights of how they hashed out their 25-man roster:

–Jack Cust was designated for assignment, meaning he must clear waivers and the A’s then would have 10 days to trade him, release him or send him to the minors. If another team doesn’t claim Cust, he can accept or decline a trip to the minors. The A’s wanted to clear a path for Eric Chavez to be the everyday DH, and GM Billy Beane said he felt trying to split DH at-bats between Cust and Chavez was redundant.

You didn’t see this one coming? Me either, especially since Cust was the most consistent power hitter on a team that’s starving for power.

–Coco Crisp was placed on the disabled list with a dislocated pinkie, paving the way for Travis Buck to make the Opening Day roster. Not only that, manager Bob Geren said Buck will begin the season as the starting left fielder.

–Gio Gonzalez (not surprisingly) was named the fifth starter after a solid effort Saturday. Trevor Cahill (surprisingly) was placed on the DL with a left shoulder injury. Geren said Cahill dealt with the problem much of the spring, though the right-hander never had mentioned it.

–Tyson Ross claimed a bullpen spot after just one full season in the minors.

–Landon Powell was optioned to Triple-A, meaning utility man Jake Fox made the team as the backup catcher. Powell’s demotion also allowed the team to keep both Eric Patterson and Adam Rosales, two guys who can play several positions.

That’s all for now …

Joe Stiglich

  • Jan K Oski

    Thanks Joe for using English in describing Cahill’s injury. From another source, it stated, “Trevor Cahill, who was a candidate for the fifth starter’s spot before giving up five earned runs in two innings against the Giants on Saturday, has a left scapula stress reaction.” What the heck is a left scapula stress reaction?

  • Pboss

    End of an area w/ Cust, and i have to say i’m happy to see him go. Yes, he did have power but that is it. He’s quite possibly the worst outfielder in the league and stikes out far to often. Glad to see Buck is getting a chance instead. He deserves a shot to earn playing time and its time to know whether he’s going to be a player or not.

  • Jan K Oski

    Oh yeah, Bubye Cust! Now, I can finally go watch an A’s game, since Steriod boy is out the door…

  • John

    Billy Beane has lost it…he painted himself into a corner and then released a high priced free agent that he signed during the off season. Pretty much goes with the A’s record of their highest priced players doing nothing for them…kinda like Eric Chavez, who is one head first dive back into first from being on the DL (he of the 11 million dollar contract). Daric Barton was in the number 2 slot today–history shows that if Barton doesn’t bat in the 7, 8, or 9 spot, that he stinks. Say what you want about Cust, but he has been one of the top producers in hr’s and rbi for the A’s during the last 3 years. That’s right, a team with no power cuts the guy with the most power and rbi potential after having given him major dollars as a free agent. What I thought might be a good season just fell off the cliff. Also, at today’s game there were many things not even up to snuff or working right at the Coliseum. I’ve been an A’s fan since 1970, but things aren’t looking too great right now (let’s see how much the 15 million plus Beane paid Sheets and Crisp pays off this year…)

  • dnrapp

    Hey John you do know that the “high priced free agent” that the A’s cut yesterday was signed for about half of what he was paid by the A’s last year.

  • Juolt

    Were getting rid of the only hitter that has consistantly provided numbers in the HR category for a player that could potentially go to hospital for turning around too fast? That being said I love chavez and would love to see him succeed but there has to be some kind of rationality in this organization. What are the odds that Chavez bats above .240 and hits over 25 homeruns this season? He hasnt played in 5 years!

  • John

    According to ESPN and other sources Jack Cust had a contract in 2009 for 2.8 million. His current 2010 contract is for 2.65 million (half of last years salary?). When was the last time you spent 2.65 million dollars and then decided 2 months later that you really didn’t need to make that purchase? “Hey, where’s my receipt…I need to return Jack Cust.”

  • Andy K

    Could not agree more with John. Despite all his short comings, Cust is the only power the A’s had. Signing him and then releasing him? Makes no sense. If this type of player were released from another team, I would look for the A’s to sign him. Instead, they sign Gaudin? WTF? I thought pitching was a strength. It is going to be a long, boring season. I sure hope I am wrong.

  • Oski I thought you would be on the Yankees board where your boy Swisher is playing. I must say he is a pretty good player. Watching the Yanks and Red Soxs play yesterday who is that SS for the sox? could it be my boy Marco? I hear Crosby selling used cars some where in PA. The only one left in Oakland is Mark Ellis the only real major league player on the team. Oski in the real world players use drugs so I will miss Cust. Hope my spelling is all right with you. larryh

  • Son of Hendu

    What you want Cust in the outfield? Or a healthy Chavez on the bench? Kooz will be an upgrade at 3B and Chavy upgrade at DH. Buck and when healty Crip upgrade. Do you remember all the K’s with runner on that Cust would have? This will be a fun team to watch without the cool breezes that Cust brings.

  • Bee Hylinski

    Hallelujah!!!! Jact Cust is history, at least in Oakland for now. Going to the games just got a lot more fun. Chavvy at DH is great. His shoulder that has been a problem is his right shoulder, his throwing shoulder, if you will. He’ll be primarily using his right shoulder to hit, but the motion is the opposite from throwing (pulling from front to back, rather than throwing from back to front.) Let’s keep our fingers crossed that he can find a way to dive back into 1st in a manner that doesn’t injure his shoulder.

  • dnrapp

    John, The main thing I was pionting out about your post was you calling 2.6 mil “big money free agent signing”. Especially since they signed Sheets to a contract almost 4 times that a month later. And then they traded for someone making over $4mil just to release him the next day. If the A’s did not non-temder him in Dec he would have won over $4 mil in arbitration. So signing him for 2.6 was a nice savings.