Daric Barton update, and recap of A’s 10-4 victory over Los Angeles Angels

OK, take 2 on this blog after I finished an entire entry only to see it disappear when I got logged off the Internet here at Angel Stadium. Not that you all care about that, nor should you. There’s A’s news to recap:

Nice start to this road trip for the A’s, who beat the Angels 10-4 tonight. After posting 13 more hits, the A’s lead the AL with 53 hits overall. But if you’re an Oakland fan, I think you have to be most encouraged w/the manner in which they won. They dictated things w/aggressive baserunning, keyed by Rajai Davis and Daric Barton atop the lineup. Those two had quite a night, combining to go 6-for-9 with four RBIs and four runs.

Did you catch the replay of Barton’s right knee caving on him in the fifth? Anyone else get a Joe Theismann flashback? Barton said he actually hurt his right hip on the play, not his knee. And he stayed in the game, so as long as he shows up to the ballpark feeling good tomorrow, I’d say the A’s dodged a bullet.

With all the offense, I think it was easy to overlook Gio Gonzalez’s solid six innings of work. I know that we reporters usually jump on the “Gio sure seems to be maturing” theme whenever he pitches well. But really, isn’t this the kind of start you wanted to see from him in this type of game? Not dazzling, just solid and efficient once he was given a lead.

6:05 p.m. start tomorrow, as Ben Sheets goes against Jered Weaver.

That’s all for now …

Joe Stiglich