Saturday lineups for A’s-Angels

We’ll cut right to the chase and give you tonight’s A’s-Angels lineups. Short and sweet …

Davis CF
Barton 1B
Sweeney RF
Kouzmanoff 3B
Suzuki C
Chavez DH
Ellis 2B
Buck LF
Pennington SS

Sheets RHP

Aybar SS
Abreu RF
Hunter CF
Matsui DH
Morales 1B
Rivera LF
Izturis 3B
Kendrick 2B
Mathis C

Weaver RHP

Joe Stiglich

  • marcus

    Hey Joe, great job on all you do. Quick question, why does Geren have a habit of using the same guys over and over again in the pen. Last night for instance, Breslow in the 9th, it was obvious real fast that Breslow wasn’t sharp. Isn’t it the bullpen coach’s job to notice if a guy isn’t sharp while warming up and inform the manager of possible other options? There had to have been other options right?? And better yet, why not have 2 pitchers warming up in the top of the 9th. He drives me nuts how he uses the same guys 3,4 days in a row without using other guys. Please tell me if I’m missing something. Geren drives me nuts.

  • Joe Stiglich

    Thanks for the note, Marcus … I agree with you that Geren leans heavily on the relievers he feels confident in. On that occasion Saturday night, I think he wanted a lefty to face Matsui. Matsui was 0-for-4 lifetime against Breslow, if I remember correctly from when I looked it up. That’s a small body of work to go on, granted, but Geren obviously liked that matchup.

    I think it’s key for the A’s to lighten the workload of Breslow and Wuertz, in particular, this season. They squeezed every ounce they could out of both guys last season, and they can’t be expected to produce at the same level if they’re used that heavily again. We’re already seeing wear and tear w/Wuertz, who’s on the DL, although we can’t say for sure that his 2009 workload was responsible for his shoulder injury.

    As for your other point, a bullpen coach only gets to see a reliever warm up for a very short time before he enters the game. It’s tough to get a read on how well a guy will do based on how he looks in the ‘pen. Generally, managers ask their relievers how they feel before a game, and that weighs heavily in who they call on in that night’s game.