Postgame notes from A’s 3-0 loss to Mariners

Milton Bradley has just three hits this season. Unfortunately for the A’s, all three are against them and two have been for homers. His three-run shot off Brad Ziegler in the eighth inning tonight was the difference in a 3-0 Seattle Mariners win.

A few tidbits from the game:

–Michael Wuertz’s absence in the bullpen definitely is missed in a game like this. Ziegler hardly had his best stuff tonight. But manager Bob Geren stuck with him in the eighth, probably hoping Ziegler could deliver a double-play ball even as he was struggling with his command. Ziegler said he missed his location on about 90 percent of his pitches, and he doesn’t have a huge margin for error on these kinds of off-nights.

–It wasn’t your typical “Web Gem,” but that was a terrific play by catcher Kurt Suzuki in the seventh inning. He managed to catch a slider from Ziegler that was way outside, spun around and fired a strike to third base to nail Chone Figgins, who tried to advance from second on the play. Geren, a former catcher, raved about the play afterward. I’m not sure I’d go as far as saying that Suzuki is “revolutionizing” the position with athletic plays like that, as Geren put it. But it was really impressive.

–Ryan Sweeney singled in the fourth inning, extending his season-opening hitting streak to nine games.

That’s all for now …

Joe Stiglich

  • That play by Suzuki was ridiculous. Just insane. Too bad Ziggy wasted it…

    Joe, I like the blog but I am wondering – can you update it with more news, notes, tidbits, etc., that aren’t exactly what you see in a typical game preview or recap? Longer quotes from interviews, press conferences, more insider info from scouts and executives around the league…etc.

    Definitely not trying to tell you how to do your job, but just trying to let you know what I would be into.

  • Joe Stiglich

    Thanks for the feedback, Animal … With all the ways we dispense information now — blogging, twitter, and of course, the newspaper — it’s a challenge to decide what kind of info. to provide where. So I appreciate your thoughts …

  • Bee Hylinski

    I agree with Animal. I’d like to see more inside info that might not go in a formal article. And what’s wrong with posting the same info (or some of it, due to Twitter limitation) in all of the media outlets. Some of us don’t read the paper as often as you’d like perhaps, so putting the same info on facebook, this blog, and Twitter (in smaller chunks) would be best. We all have our favorite way to get news. I, for one, would prefer facebook, because we receive an email when things are posted on facebook pages we are following. Just a thought.