Aftermath from an historic day

A couple of thoughts as I take in all the highlights, analysis and hoopla surrounding Dallas Braden’s perfect game:
1) Holy cow, I wish I had been there. I was off today, watching on TV as Daric Barton caught Cliff Pennington’s throw for the final out to complete the 19th perfect game in major league history. I’ll see if Braden can repeat the feat in his next start with me in attendance. Is that too much to ask?

2) In watching SportsCenter and scanning the Internet, it strikes me that this is the first time since the end of the 2006 season that the A’s have captured national interest for an on-field accomplishment. We’re used to seeing headlines about them acquiring players in the offseason (and dealing them away in the regular season). But Braden was the talk of baseball today, without assistance from A-Rod.

It’s been interesting reading about Braden’s relationship with his grandmother, and hearing his colorful interviews played over and over. This is stuff that we know because many of us follow the team on a regular basis. But when a big event happens, these stories get re-told on a national stage for the first time. It’s sort of like what happens when a local team makes the postseason. Everything gets magnified, and suddenly there’s interest outside the Bay Area. If August and September roll around and the A’s are still in contention, the same thing will happen. And that will be exciting to be a part of. I’ll make sure I’m there to see it 🙂

Check out Carl Steward’s coverage of Braden’s perfect game. He also wrote a nice column on Braden and his grandmother.

Joe Stiglich