Jack Cust reportedly set to rejoin A’s

Is it insane to be blogging this late? Yes, but such is the nature of round-the-clock journalism these days …

Multiple outlets are reporting that Jack Cust will be called up from Triple-A Sacramento and join the A’s for Saturday’s game against the Angels. CSN Bay Area’s Mychael Urban was first to break the news. The A’s offense is starting to resemble the punchless unit we’ve seen for much of the past few seasons, so some sort of shake-up is needed. Cust’s stats were decent for Sacramento — not great. He hit .273 with four homers and 19 RBIs in 110 at-bats. He had 33 walks and 33 strikeouts and a strong .444 on-base percentage.

Where does Cust fit in considering that Eric Chavez is already on the roster as a left-handed DH option? I don’t see the A’s releasing Chavez at this point and eating his contract. I’d expect to see Cust get time in the outfield. He’s played right field the past few days for Sacramento, but he’d probably fit best in left field for the A’s. He’s not a very good defensive option out there, we all know. But right now the A’s will sacrifice the defense to get some power in the lineup. They’ll have to clear a spot to get him on the 40-man roster, and they’ll have to clear two spots on the 25-man roster for him and right-hander Justin Duchscherer, who will be activated to start Saturday’s game. With nine relievers currently on the roster, it seems logical that two would be sent out to open spots.

I know Cust was a popular punching bag the past couple of seasons for people frustrated with the A’s offensive woes. I’m curious how his return would strike you now. Do you expect him to have a positive impact?

Joe Stiglich