Food for thought from A’s 3-2 loss to Cubs

Just a quick post here after the A’s 3-2 loss against the Cubs, a heartbreaker from Oakland’s perspective. An interesting point from the Cubs’ ninth-inning rally: The A’s had the entire infield playing in with the bases loaded and one out, and Kosuke Fukudome’s game-winning single snuck just past diving second baseman Mark Ellis. One option was for the A’s to play the middle infielders at regular depth to possibly get a second-to-first double play. But you can see the logic in playing the whole infield in. Sometimes a team wants to be safe and make sure it can cut off the runner at home, and possibly still get a home-to-first double play.

Ellis told me after the game the A’s have played both alignments with the bases loaded in that situation — sometimes the middle infielders stay back, sometimes everyone plays in. I asked if he thought it was possible the A’s could have turned a 4-6-3 double play were he playing at normal depth to field the ball. He said he wasn’t sure, but that it was possible (he also added that Fukudome runs pretty well, so he would have been tough to double up).

Anyway, just thought that was something interesting that you might have been wondering about too.

I’ll check in tomorrow from St. Louis …

Joe Stiglich

  • josef

    joe-can you find out what the hell geren was thinking with the bullpen and braden leaving so early?

  • Son of Hendu

    Nice double switch Geren. Next time when you wake up from your nap, just check your line up card and find out when your pitcher is due up before you make a change.

    This plus the walking of Mourneau and sitting Davis after a 3 hit night, makes you think that Sleepy Bob is not so good at his job.

    PS with one out and bases loaded, play the corners up and middle guys turn two. Write it down, and put that in your pocket for next time.


    Witness Pinella leaving in Wells until 130 pitches, while we take out our guy with 83. 83!

    And yes Hendu, apparently in 3 years of interleague play the guy still doesn’t have the double switch down. Bailey to Blevins is a terrible downgrade.

    Instead of a double play we see a game-winning seeing eye single.