Postgame thoughts from A’s 6-5 loss to Angels

Was anyone surprised to see both Ryan Sweeney and Jack Cust get pinch-hit for in the 10th inning of tonight’s 6-5 loss to the Angels? Sweeney had doubled in his previous at-bat to set a game-tying rally into motion. Cust had broken a long homerless drought earlier in the game (although he struck out in his previous at-bat before the 10th). Bob Geren pointed to the .115 average lefties had against Angels left-hander Brian Fuentes, and that’s a very valid point. Still, pinch-hitting for Sweeney raised my eyebrows a bit. The guy was coming off a great at-bat, and I would have liked to see him get a chance to start something there.

Regardless of whether you agree with those decisions, they point to a bigger problem: When your No. 3 and No. 5 hitters are being pinch-hit for in the bottom of the 10th and you trail by just a run, your offense is in trouble. The A’s simply lack a middle-of-the-lineup presence (as if you haven’t known that over the past three-plus seasons, right?)

Any overall thoughts on the game, A’s fans? Had to be a tough one to digest …

Joe Stiglich

  • To me that was the last straw, what other manager on any team in baseball would do what Bob Geren did last night. I could care less about what the stats say. Their is no excuse.

  • Then we hear about the trade of Lee to the Texas Rangers. This is a team that was propped up by major league baseball because of it’s financial woes taking the prize of this trade deadline period. If major league baseball will not impose a salary cap, then I propose they have a minimum cap. Lets say 175 Million. Lets get some real owners in baseball who care more about winning and less about the price tag. Lets get rid of the Lew Wolfs of the world out of baseball.

  • crister

    when you’re still considering lefty vs righty splits for your supposed stud rightfielder, you know you have a problem. besides, geren could have sent up the batboy at this point and it wouldn’t have mattered. he’s the most secure manager in the game. and it’s not because he’s a master at tactical planning or motivator. it’s good to be billy beane’s friend.

  • Hammy


  • go A’s

    The pinch hitting made sense – Fuentes is very tough on lefties – bad on righted hitters though.