Andrew Bailey to take Trevor Cahill’s place on AL All-Star roster

A’s closer Andrew Bailey was added to the American League All-Star team today as a replacement for teammate Trevor Cahill. Cahill was chosen for the AL squad but he’s ineligible for the active roster for Tuesday’s All-Star Game since he’s starting today against the Angels.

It’s the second All-Star selection for Bailey, 26, who is in just his second major league season. You’ll find a story posted on www.contracostatimes.com very shortly. …

Joe Stiglich

  • scott no2

    Make the All-star game an exhibition, 9 innings, plus 2 extra innings max (so all players can play). If tie after 10 innings whoever has the most hits wins.

    and then… who cares it’s just an exhibition. Then it’s more fun and light hearted.

  • Jan K Oski

    Can anyone recall what the A’s received for Andre Ethier? What could have been if the MLB wasn’t an utter joke of an organization. For all of those who say, “Fire Geren”, I retort, “Fire Selig”. A child could give MLB a better direction than that Meathead. When the playing field is even like the NFL, NBA and every other sport in America, then Fire the Coach has a valid meaning. Till then, you’ll just be seeing more of the same with the vast majority of coaches, as the A’s will continue to be a major farm system for the big market teams.

  • Son of Hendu

    Jan, we got Milton “Crazy” Bradley for Ethier….ya, that didn’t work out so good.

    At this year break we could of had an outfield of Nick Swisher in LF, Carlos Gonzalez in CF and Andre Either in RF. Ah, and no Jack Cust. And more than likely a 4 game lead over the Rangers.

    The sad thing is we gave up on these guys before they were making money.