Sunday pregame news and lineups for A’s-White Sox finale

The A’s lineup has a unique look to say the least. Must be a Sunday afternoon game. Coco Crisp and Kurt Suzuki have the day off with a day game after a night game, so Rajai Davis assumes the leadoff role and Landon Powell draws a start. Jack Cust is hitting third and Cliff Pennington is in the seventh spot.

Manager Bob Geren said Crisp is just getting a normal day of rest and that he’s fine physically. But in watching Crisp throw from the outfield lately, I’m not so sure. He’s barely putting anything behind his throws back to the infield, which makes me wonder if his surgically repaired right shoulder is doing OK. He took a hard crash into the wall (leading with his right shoulder) during the Rangers series and seemed to be a bit shaken up after, though he stayed in the game. Even before then, he wasn’t throwing the ball well. This is all speculation based on my own observation. I didn’t get a chance to chat w/him this morning.

–Just a nutty side note: The chef who runs the show in the White Sox’s press dining room is one tough hombre. He stands behind the food with a stern look on his face as he waits to serve you and does not allow you to come through for seconds. He very much reminds me of the “Soup Nazi” character from that one “Seinfield” episode. Sure enough, when I walked in for the first time this series, there was a big sign hanging on the wall behind him, with a picture of a mean-looking chef and the words “No soup for you!” right next to him.

Obviously, I’m not the only one this man has made an impression with. … I enjoy his food though, I’ll say that …

Today’s lineups:

A’s — Davis CF, Barton 1B, Cust DH, Kouzmanoff 3B, Ellis 2B, Powell C, Pennington SS, Watson LF, Carson RF; Gonzalez LHP.

White Sox — Pierre DH, Ramirez SS, Rios CF, Konerko 1B, Quentin RF, Castro C, Viciedo 3B, Jones LF, Lillibridge 2B; Floyd RHP.

Joe Stiglich