Lights! Camera! Let’s do another take!

 The filming of “Moneyball” continues today at the Coliseum, giving us novices a glimpse of how involved (and tedious) it is to make a movie. Right now, Greg Papa and Glen Kuiper are in a booth right next to the press box discussing the 2002 Opening Day game against the Rangers (sounds like Papa is going to be given a few actual lines to say in the movie other than giving the play-by-play).

Earlier today, they shot a scene on the field where Art Howe comes out of the dugout to take Tim Hudson out of the game and bring in Chad Bradford. I saw them shoot the same scene three times after I arrived at 2:45 p.m., but they wrapped things up on the field by 3 p.m.

Your 2002 A’s lineup, just in case you’re curious – Jeremy Giambi LF, Randy Velarde 2B, Scott Hatteberg DH, David Justice RF, Eric Chavez 3B, Miguel Tejada SS, Terrence Long CF, Ramon Hernandez C, Carlos Pena 1B, Mark Mulder P.

Tejada hitting sixth? Really, Art Howe? Really?

As for the 2010 A’s, closer Andrew Bailey (rib strain) will not throw for at least two or three more days. Bob Geren said that likely rules Bailey out for Friday’s opener against Texas, but it’s still possible he’ll be available for Saturday or Sunday.

Ben Sheets was in the A’s clubhouse Monday afternoon and said he’ll have surgery to repair the torn flexor tendon on his right elbow next week in Dallas.   

The A’s lineup (2010 version) – Crisp CF, Barton 1B, Suzuki C, Cust DH, Kouzmanoff 3B, Rosales 2B, Davis LF, Watson RF, Pennington SS, Cahill P.

Curtis Pashelka