Postgame notes from A’s 5-3 victory over Mariners

The A’s have been very good on the field this weekend, and they were a pretty entertaining product in the clubhouse after the game. A lot of this didn’t make my game story for tomorrow, so here’s some details.

–Jack Cust’s homer in the fourth inning came on a 3-0 pitch, his first career home run on that count. He said he enjoys swinging on 3-0, but that the A’s usually give him the ‘take’ sign. “That’s their decision,” Cust said. “I would swing 3-0 every time if I could. It’s the only time you know what you’re going to get.” He was asked if he thought his homer might encourage the A’s to let him swing away more on 3-0. “If they can remember next year,” he said, “if I’m here next year.”

Cust had an interesting take when asked about his low home run total — Saturday’s long ball was just his 13th of the season, though he spent the first five-plus weeks of the season in the minors after the A’s surprisingly designated him for assignment before Opening Day. “This was a year, after the stuff that happened to me, I was trying to show a little more of what I could do offensively,” he said. “I can hit home runs. I averaged almost 30 homers over the last three years and it didn’t get me anywhere. I was just trying to show them I can do something else.”

Cust was referring to his .275 average, considerably higher than the .239 mark he brought into 2010. I see where he’s going with that point, but no matter what, Cust knows what he does best and what the team needed from him. The A’s are a light hitting team that desperately needed more power, and he was their best candidate to provide that. So I’m only willing to cut him so much slack on this topic.

–Brett Anderson said he suffered a bit of whiplash when a soft liner came his way on the mound and deflected off his glove. Anderson looked a bit comical as he fell to the ground, then tried to recover and throw to first for the out. What’s great is that he’s as entertained as anybody by his adventures. “It wouldn’t be a Brett Anderson start this year if a ball wasn’t hit at me and something weird happened,” he said. “I tried a ‘Matrix’-style move. This body’s not made for that.”

Bob Geren and head trainer Steve Sayles came out to visit Anderson, but he stayed in the game and delivered seven strong innings. … Solid way for him to end the season.

Talk to you tomorrow afternoon …

Joe Stiglich

  • crister

    i’m generally dismissive of september stats especially when it’s just playing out the string against clubs that are doing just the same. nevertheless, it’s never a bad thing when you can put wins together regardless of the circumstances.

    i truly believe that cust got shafted with how the whole being sent down/chavez/jake fox roster crunch situation happened. that being said, he did only miss 5 weeks and he’s shown absolutely no power and that’s pretty much what he’s supposed to do. also, considering that oakland cut him lose in the offseason and he ended up coming back at even a cheaper price then had they gone through the arbitration process… that and how he pass through wavers at the end of spring training and still no nibbles… i’m going to say . . . it was nice knowing you jack. thanks for the moonshots and i hear that japan is nice in the summer…