Jim Skaalen out as A’s hitting coach, Gerald Perry replaces him, plus other staff changes

The A’s just announced a shakeup of their coaching staff. I’ll have a story online a little later. Here’s the nuts and bolts:

–Jim Skaalen has been dismissed after two seasons as hitting coach, with Gerald Perry hired to replace him. You’ll remember Perry was the A’s hitting coach in 2006.

–Joel Skinner was hired as the A’s new bench coach, with former bench coach Tye Waller sliding over to first-base coaching duties. Todd Steverson, the first base coach for the past two years, has been offered a minor league position.

The A’s also confirmed that head trainer Steve Sayles has been let go …

–It’s not a huge surprise that Skaalen was fired considering the team’s offensive woes the past two seasons. But players and manager Bob Geren did speak highly of him during the 2010 season.

More to come later at contracostatimes.com and insidebayarea.com …

Joe Stiglich

  • crister

    now all the a’s need to do is get some guys that can actually hit and then we’ll have something. all i remember of perry was how he and milton got into it in the dugout during the alds in mini.

    god, i’m getting old. i have joel skinner baseball cards from when he was with the yankees.

  • Bee Hylinski

    Now all they need to do is fire Bob Geren and the team might have a chance. Of course, they also need a couple of legit bats for the 3rd and 4th holes. The first is a non-starter until Billy Beane really wants to win, gets a spine, and fires his BFF. Ain’t gonna happen. The second–well, I’m holding my breath.

  • Oakland Sí

    Perry had Thomas, Bradley and Swisher when he was the A’s hitting coach. Does anyone really think he’ll do better than Skaalen with the current group of hitters?

    I can’t see any special qualification that Skinner brings. Certainly not his record with the Indians organization. Oh, he played Little League with Beane and Geren?

  • Joe Stiglich

    Crister, I know I’ve got a couple Joel Skinner 1987 Topps cards stashed away somewhere 🙂

  • The Oakland A’s truly reflect corporate America, when the company lose money or don’t meet it objectives. The supporting staff is let go and the leadership management team keep there jobs.

    If the same leadership team remain in control, the same results will remain the same due to the same leadership team. If you can’t lead a professional team to success in 3 years, maybe it’s the leadership and not supporting staff.

  • Chris

    I actually thought Skaalen did a good job considering the caliber of the people he coached (save Suzuki). A better move would have been to can the head coach and let the asst’s do their job. Nothing will change now as long as he is still there. Just padding his nest with guys who dont talk back or question his motives.