Pitching coach Curt Young leaves A’s

The A’s announced today that pitching coach Curt Young is leaving the team “to pursue another opportunity within Major League Baseball.” That opportunity must have presented itself in the past couple of days. The A’s sent out a release Wednesday announcing the hiring of hitting coach Gerald Perry and bench coach Joel Skinner. That same release indicated that Young, third-base coach Mike Gallego and bullpen coach Ron Romanick all would be returning in 2011.

So who came calling for Young? The Boston Red Sox just lost pitching coach John Farrell, who was hired as Toronto’s manager. And Boston manager Terry Francona is familiar with Young, as both coached in the Oakland organization before Francona was hired as the Red Sox skipper. Perhaps Young winds up in Boston, though that’s speculation at this point. I haven’t talked to him yet. But Young obviously received an opporunity he felt he couldn’t pass on.

He served seven years as the A’s pitching coach. I’ll have a story posted at contracostatimes.com, insidebayarea.com and mercurynews.com later in the day …

Joe Stiglich

  • crister

    it has not been a good couple of months for oakland baseball. the turnover with all the coaches and general upheaval with the radio station, mr. 209 going after the medical people for his botched procedure. the whole sj money issues and the fact that sf is making their post season run that’s sucking up all the oxygen on the airwaves and giving the giants all that good pub which can only hurt oakland efforts and support for keeping the team in oakland.

    now of course i have to relive the nightmare of 2002 with this terrible ws match up. who would i rather see win? a texas team that was never good before this year and would suddenly gain legitimacy by actually winning something or the horrors of all horrors… san francisco finally getting a ws of their own? neither one can be an appealing option for my hometown interest. i guess for the whole keep the a’s in oakland angle, i’d have to pinch my nose and root for the lightening in a bottle, good luck trying to replicate that success next year rangers.

    ugh, let it be next season already.

  • fumblin’ frank

    Young would rather sell beer for the Giants than be part of that unstable organization…Fear the Beard!!!

  • Coachmmm

    Great pitching coach. This is a big loss. I’m interested in hearing what happened.

  • Gunzo

    This is the best news the A’s could receive this off season. Do a little homework and just count the number of injuries to the pitching staff under Curt Young’s reign. Peterson is out there and he knows his stuff, Beane should hire him ASAP.