A little more on Curt Young

Just a quick update on the possible destination for former A’s pitching coach Curt Young, who left Oakland on Sunday to pursue other options.

It was widely assumed that Young could be a natural to land with the Arizona Diamondbacks as their pitching coach, being that he lives in Scottsdale. But the Arizona Republic is reporting that Charles Nagy is the front runner for that position. Everything I’m now hearing points to Young getting consideration from the Boston Red Sox to be their pitching coach. The Sox have a vacancy now that John Farrell has left to become Toronto’s new manager. Of course, with today’s news that the Yankees will part ways with pitching coach Dave Eiland, perhaps that could open up another opportunity for Young. We shall see …

Joe Stiglich

  • crister

    funny, remembering when peterson left oakland, everyone was incredibly bummed out. the sky was going to fall and the arms of the big three were goign to implode. ok , well, so two out of three didn’t happen. anyway, it just goes to show that no one is irreplaceable. familiarity is a very powerful thing, but more often than not, a substitute equal in quality and ability can and is usually found. i’m bummed to see young leave, but hey, cahill is still cahill and anderson is still anderson and so on.

    besides, i still think of curt young as the weak link of the a’s pitching staff during their golden age of the late 80s and early 90s. matt young too. god, i’m getting so old.