A’s trade Vin Mazzaro, Justin Marks to Royals for David DeJesus

Well, it didn’t take long for the A’s to trade some of that surplus pitching. They shipped Vin Mazzaro and minor league left-hander Justin Marks to Kansas City in exchange for outfielder David DeJesus. The announcement came late this afternoon. After Monday’s news that the A’s won the bidding for Japanese right-hander Hisashi Iwakuma, it was logical to assume that they would then flip a pitcher(s) in return for a hitter. And Mazzaro has been a widely speculated trade chip for a while. DeJesus, 30, has been one of the top players in the Royals lineup for several years now, but (and you knew this was coming) he missed the final two months of the 2010 season after having surgery on his right thumb. And he doesn’t provide an answer to the A’s need for power, so I suspect this is just the first of the moves the A’s make to address their offensive needs this winter. But he’s an intriguing player to add to a crowded outfield mix. This move indicates to me there’s an even greater chance now that outfielder Conor Jackson won’t be tendered a contract. The A’s must decide whether to offer contracts to all of their arbitration-eligible players by Dec. 2 …

I’ll have a full story on the DeJesus trade later …

What are your initial thoughts on this move?

Joe Stiglich

  • crister

    i’ve actually always liked dejesus, but more in a 6th or 7th in the lineup kind of way. again, if you’re counting on him to be your “offensive force” then i think your team’s going to be in trouble. in a way, he strikes me as a better version of sweeney. goodbye jackson. goodbye cust. goodbye raj? chris carter to dh or first? michael taylor…waht happened? man, if only corey brown had asserted himself before this offseason. how’s that gold glove fit carlos gonzalez by the way?

    so, all that said, where’s the bop going to come from? all of our projected starting outfielders are gappy 15 to 29 homer guys in a good year. still no corner power or even high average hitting guys. ellis’s final numbers look better because of his rediculous last month and pennington…well, he sure can run can’t he?

    nevertheless, i have to believe that the a’s are at the end of the day a better team with dejesus than without him.

  • crister

    dehrrr… i meant to say 15 to 20 homer guys. 29 would be welcomed.

  • Raider Bong

    I dont agree with this move. Vin Mazzaro was a pretty good pitcher for the A’s last year. From what i remember, he gave up a lot of his runs in the first inning or two of a game, and then proceed to shut down the opponent. That seems like the type of problem that could be improved if not fixed.

    Dejesus, although a decent OF, is just another Ryan Sweeney, and we already have so many OFs with no pop.

    I would rather have counted on Vinny to step up for the A’s next year, and trading Cahill (gasp!) to a team thats got some bats, but might need some pitching. First team to come to mind would be the Reds.

    Jay Bruce or maybe Drew Stubbs would be great addition to the A’s outfield. It might mean having to give up at least one of our top SPs and perhaps someone else, but I think its worth it, and something the Reds may be intrigued with.

    Keep up the grea work Joe!

  • Derek

    Surprise, surprise, Beane goes out and gets another no power having # 8 hitter. Is this guy brain dead or what.

    I bet he unloads Raja who while not possessng much power produces runs like one with his amazing base running (Raja runs are the equivlant to HRS).

    This scrub, plus C. Jackson, Crisp, Sweeney, Ellis equal MASH unit

  • Joe Stiglich

    One part of me thinks Rajai Davis could be dealt before spring training (perhaps before the Dec. 2 non-tender deadline for arbitration-eligible guys). No doubt his speed and production the last couple years would be more attractive to teams than, say, Conor Jackson, who has battled injury problems and comes with a higher price tag. Then again, with Coco Crisp’s injury history and Ryan Sweeney and David DeJesus also coming off injury, can the A’s afford to part ways w/Davis?

  • Bryan

    Whooooo the hell is David Dejeeeezus? Another surgery-riddled non presence? career high 13 home runs? Greeeeeeat. Way to make a splash Billy Beane! I hope this is but one of many trades to get us some legit bats in the line up!

  • uweblab

    That Billy Beane, he’s no Brian Sabean!!! (when did you think that line would ever be said)

  • James

    Good luck to the incoming hitting coach- you will be another scape goat for front office mistakes filling the lineup with NADA to work with and wonder why the A’s don’t score runs like Texas or New York? Because you don’t put even one big bat in the lineup and instead rely on retreads, stolen bases and 2 or 3 hits in an inning to produce one run. Ridiculous and sorry for Jim Skaalen who was a great guy and did what was possible with that lineup.

  • crister

    raj’s running is fun to watch, but whenever i think of stolen bases, i think of rickey and his crazy sb numbers from the early 80’s and then i remember how bad the team ended up being and then my enthusiasm for running like crazy dims. if he shows enough progress, wouldn’t wimberly be considered a natural candidate to maybe take over the raj roster spot? if i recall too, isn’t rosales a speedster too?

  • DALE

    Im like the rest of you and dejesus is just another powerless guy in the A’s lineup it makes no sense to me i was hoping matt kemp would have been dealt to the A’s and then go after adam dunn but looks like the A’s will do the same thing as last year get a bunch of low avg hitters with no power and hope to finish 500. im so dissappointed in beane its not even funny