A’s trade Rajai Davis to Toronto Blue Jays, reportedly make offer to Adrian Beltre

The news keeps coming from A’s headquarters. ESPN Deportes is reporting that Oakland offered free agent third baseman Adrian Beltre a five-year, $64 million contract. Then a more concrete development was announced: The A’s have traded outfielder Rajai Davis to Toronto for minor league relievers Trystan Magnuson and Danny Farquhar. You can read a full story on that trade. The A’s had too many outfielders and not enough spots, so it wasn’t a shock they dealt someone. Davis is a big loss — he’s an electrifying player that often sparked the A’s with his speed. He was also one of the team’s healthiest position players the past two years. That made him a very valuable player — and also one other teams would covet.

A potentially bigger story would be if the A’s land Beltre, one of the cream-of-the-crop hitters of the free agent class. Would he consider the A’s after turning down a three-year offer from them last winter?

Joe Stiglich

  • I agree Davis is a big loss.
    I hope these two minor league relievers are real good.

    It would be a great boost to sign Beltre. I hope he accepts the offer.

  • crister

    bummer about raj, but considering that the team stole the most bases in its history last year and was only 500, you can’t really say he or at least his speed was a key to oakland’s success. he sure was exciting though. certainly a fan favorite. now of course, watch him go all scutaro on us and become brett butler with pop.

    oy, beltre… again, what to say. it goes without mentioning that he’d be the best thirdbaseman immediately in the entire organization and probably the best over all player on the big league team, but man, so many years? you thought chavez and dye were big chunks of misallocated payroll, i can only imagine what it’s going to be like with such a massive contract for someone who yes, has put up impressive offensive numbers, but has also had his fair share of stinkers too.

  • JC

    Another bad move by Billy Beane. Carlos Gonzalez, Andre Ethier, Nick Swisher, Nelson Cruz, the list goes on and on…..

  • Derek

    Davis was the teams most exciting player. Billy Beane hates healthy exciting players, the guy loves the slow 2 tool types who play like he did (sorry).

    This most be a continuation of managements ploy to reduce to product to nothing to further shrink the fan base and justify a move.

  • cm

    Beltre sucks…I’m excited the A’s have money to spend, but on Beltre…bad investment. Could you imagine if we had Carlos Gonzalez now, we wouldn’t need Beltre