Boras says Beltre still interested in the A’s

Carl Steward here, subbing for Joe Stiglich on the A’s doings at the MLB winter meetings in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. …

Adrian Beltre’s agent, Scott Boras, dropped a bit of a surprise Wednesday afternoon when, among a horde of reporters asking about myriad clients, I asked about whatever happened to the A’s reported five-year, $64 million offer to the veteran third baseman and the notion that he wasn’t interested in Oakland. Boras said that wasn’t the case.

“We have told teams that we would tell them if we were not interested, and we have told those teams where we are,” said Boras. “Certainly, Oakland was a team (Beltre) said he would be interested in looking at. We had meetings with their club, so that’s where we’re at now.”

It has been widely reported that the A’s made a five-year, $64 million offer to Beltre, but it was subsequently withdrawn in recent days. Asked about Oakland rescinding its offer, Boras was unfazed.

“Offers are like curtains,” he said. “There’s opening and closing, but they’re still in the room.”

Boras said Beltre provided him with a list of teams he’d be interested in signing with and that the A’s have always been in play as a possibility … and still are, as far as their side is concerned. It remains to be seen if the A’s, who have a strict policy of not¬†commenting on unsigned free agents, might open the curtain again on Beltre. But the agent said Oakland has been on the list of options since Day 1 of the process.

“This was conveyed to the A’s long ago, as well as all the other teams we’ve dealt with that Adrian’s interested in,” the agent said.

Boras said there have already been a number of teams that have approached him about Beltre’s availability to them and been told it “would not be an environment they would go into.” Baltimore, he intimated, was one of those clubs.

Among other suitors, the A’s counterparts in the AL West, the Los Angeles Angels, are expected to be major players in the Beltre chase and Boras admitted Southern California had attractive advantages.

“Obviously, Adrian has a home in L.A. and he’s played in L.A., so he’s very comfortable in that marketplace,” Boras said.


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  • crister

    It’s called . . . “Oh crap…the Red Sox and O’s aren’t interested. I need to make nice with Oakland just in case…”

    Any idea if Martin from the Dodgers is viewed as a viable third base option? Ordonez almost seems like a decen tpick up at this point. If for nothing else, he’s more or less shown what he can do in a hitters ballpark and he’s probably not going to need the level of commitment in years and money that Beltre wannts.

  • crister

    My bad… I meant to say pitchers ballpark.