Highlights from Beane/Willingham conference call

Here’s a few nuggets from the conference call involving new A’s outfielder Josh Willingham and A’s GM Billy Beane:

–Willingham has played a bit of right field but says he’s definitely most comfortable playing left field. Beane confirmed that Willingham is likely to play left field, with David DeJesus in right and Coco Crisp in center.

–Beane said he thinks the A’s offense is improved, with more depth and balance by adding Willingham’s right-handed bat. The team will still look for opportunities to acquire more offense, but Beane reiterated that he believes the free agent pickings are getting slim. (Something tells me that continuing to pursue Adrian Beltre isn’t in their plans).

–The bullpen is an area they will look to address. “We just gave up a reliever (Henry Rodriguez), so that’s an area we have to look at to get some depth there,” Beane said. “Until the winter is over, you’re always on the lookout.”

–Willingham on what he’ll bring to A’s offense: “I’m not a guy that’s going to hit 40 (homers) and drive in 100 every year. But I think I’m a guy that does a lot well and brings a lot to the lineup.”

Joe Stiglich

  • crister

    Considering that all 5 projected outfielders (Willingham, Sweeney, Crisp, Jackson, Dejesus) spent significant time injured last year, I don’t find myself too concerned on how many at bats Carter may or may not get. He’ll get his if history is a factor. Now, are there enough at bats for Carter and Taylor for next year for a meaningful sample size? Who knows…

  • Jason

    too bad beltre is a doosh and spurned us. i hope it comes back to bite him in the a$$ later.