Cameras roll as A’s players shoot 2011 commercials

Check out this clip of several A’s players and coaches filming commercials for this season. I thought last year’s were pretty strong, and it seems like the players get into the spirit of it.

Trevor Cahill doesn’t appear in the clip, but he told me a few weeks ago that he’d be shooting a commercial. You’ll remember the one he filmed with Dave Stewart last year — the two sat face-to-face and locked eyes as Stewart taught him the proper way to glare at a hitter. Cahill got a kick out of that experience.

“I was sitting in a chair staring at Dave Stewart for three hours,” he said. “When they change scenes, they’ve gotta change the lighting and camera and do 10 takes at each angle. The first five ones, you’re staring at each other’s eyes. I just couldn’t stop laughing.”

Joe Stiglich

  • I loved that commercial.
    Stewart definitely had that stare and looked scary.
    Love Cahill…but not so scary.

  • A’s Fan

    Ugh! I hate the last year’s GREEN COLAR A’s commercials.
    The commercials that were really good were the A’s Brand years ago. Those were witty and funny.
    Now they’re just tired, lame and unimaginative.

  • Mofo80503

    My favorite all time commercial was of some opposing pitcher watching film of Ricky Henderson getting ready to steal while the audio is of a space shot countdown. The pitcher is just staring at the film sweating gallons.