David DeJesus misses exhibition opener with illness; Eric Sogard gets look at shortstop

It poured rain in the Phoenix area on Saturday night, but there’s no showers in the forecast this afternoon and the A’s exhibition opener against the Chicago Cubs is on. Just a couple items of note this morning:

–Right fielder David DeJesus is not feeling well so he’s not playing. Matt Carson is in right field.

The A’s lineup:
Crisp CF
Barton 1B,
Willingham LF
Suzuki DH
LaRoche 3B
Carson RF
Powell C
Sogard SS
Tolleson 2B
Cahill P

–Steve Tolleson is a more experienced shortstop than Eric Sogard, and we might expect to see those two flip-flopped in the middle infield spots. But Bob Geren said he wants to get a good look at how Sogard handles shortstop in the exhibitions as he decides on a backup infielder. “I just haven’t seen Sogard play there,” Geren said. “I think whoever is going to play shortstop the best is probably going to win that job.”

As for the starting shortstop, Geren said Cliff Pennington probably won’t hit in a game for about a week, but he could play a couple innings defensively and be removed for a pinch hitter.

–Trevor Cahill, Josh Outman, Tyson Ross and Bobby Cramer are all scheduled to throw two innings each today if all goes according to plan. They’d be on a 35-40 pitch limit.

Check out today’s story on Chris Carter and Michael Taylor if you haven’t yet. I usually try to post a link to it on twitter the night before it gets published, but I didn’t get a chance to last night.

If there’s any big news in today’s game, I’ll post it here so check back!!

Joe Stiglich

  • BillyMartin58

    Conner Jackson ( is his money guaranteed?) should he be kept on the roster will be on the DL before the Kentucky Derby. I believe Matt Carson is the guy for his spot.
    “McSingles” (Sweeney)would be a better hitter on artificial turf and the A’s should sign Jermaine Dye for his spot, pinch hitter, spot poutfield duty and a threat off the bench in the late innings. That is the type of hitter needed for that spot. What is Geren going to do when he needs to strike fear in a pitcher in the late innings?..put McSwingles on deck?
    I loved seeing Cliff Johnson on deck, or even Dave Kingman, but McSwingles?
    I’d say keep Carter but I can hear his knees shaking through the homeplate mic everytime he’s in the batter’s box.
    The A’s playoff teams always had that big stick off the bench, Tenace, Epstein, Cliff Johnson, Dave Parker, we need someone like that.
    is there anyway the A’s could have a “Get a hit off Andrew Bailey night” kinda like the Ken Holtzman night in the early 70’s…it’s either duck, or swing the bat over the plate to get a hit or get hit….