Can you identify this former Oakland Athletic?

Athletic1As part of our new Bay Area News Group/Oakland A’s Facebook page, we’ve been posting some A’s trivia questions. The latest one asks fans to identify this ex-A’s player.
If you think you know who this is, go to our Facebook page and let us know!

Jon Becker

  • Chris Perry

    Can you guess who the player is?

  • the candlestickkid

    joe rudi?

  • Hi Jon,
    Good “who is this?” question. I’m going to say it’s Rob Picciolo.
    Joel Bratman
    San Jose, CA

  • Scott Smith

    Definitley Rob Picciolo.

  • Paul from Jersey

    The 1985 opening day second baseman Donnie Hill

  • Bill

    I was thinking Rob Picciolo but the face looks like Joe Rudi

  • Paul

    Second baseman Donnie Hill

  • steve

    Micky Tettleton.

  • Chase Michaels

    It’s joe Rudi.

  • rob picciolo for sure

  • Mickey Tettleton?

  • That’s Lance Blankenship!
    Back when Ricky ran wild!

  • Jon Becker

    Some great guesses, guys! But you guys still haven’t ID’ed the guy pictured. One of our Facebook fans was able to figure it out. But, if you don’t want to go there for the answer, I’ll give you a couple of hints:

    1) He’s an infielder who was a former A’s No. 1 pick.
    2) He finished his career with the Yankees.

  • Paul from Jersey

    Steve Kiefer

  • Jon Becker

    You got it, Paul! This is the unforgettable Steve Kiefer, who was a first-round pick in 1981 by the A’s. He played a bit for Oakland before getting dealt to Milwaukee in the Moose Haas deal.
    BTW, we’ve got another “who am I” photo on our Facebook page. This one might be a little easier.