A’s unveil their 2011 commercials

Just saw a sneak preview of the A’s commercials for 2011. You can watch two of them – along with outtakes, which are even funnier – at www.oaklandathletics.com/commercials.

You might have already seen the two commercials on the site, but among the highlights that will be unveiled soon:

–Kurt Suzuki throwing down to second base and sinking Gio Gonzalez in a dunk tank.

–Gonzalez getting advice on throwing his curve ball from an aborigine holding a boomerang.

–Trevor Cahill showing how his peripheral vision helps with his pickoff move (best one in my book).

–Cahill and Ryan Sweeney trading lines in a promotion for the July 16 doubleheader against the Angels.

**Hub Strategy was brought on to direct the commercials for a second straight season, and the A’s kept the “Greeen Collar Baseball” theme from 2010.

“I’ve directed a lot of athletes, but these guys are off the charts” as far as cooperation, said DJ O’Neill, Hub’s creative director. “They’re just up for anything. This year we had Gio in a dunk tank and it’s 38 degrees in the morning. He’s in a robe walking around like Hugh Hefner.”

O’Neill and A’s vice president of sales and marketing Jim Leahey both mentioned Andrew Bailey and Cahill – definitely one of the quieter A’s — as two who take to the camera especially well.

Joe Stiglich