A’s opening-day starter issue takes another twist

Here’s the lowdown on the the morning’s news before the A’s take on the Cubs in Mesa …

The opening night starter mystery continues, and it’s reaching the comical stage at this point. Trevor Cahill has been pushed back two days to make his next start Saturday, which makes him the Candidate of the Day to take the ball in the April 1 opener. This gives Cahill six days of rest between spring starts, which is a little unusual at this point in camp. Cahill told me this morning there’s no physical issue that makes him require extra rest, so logic says that the A’s are lining him up for the regular season opener against the Mariners. He would be making that start on an extra day’s rest, as the A’s are off March 31, the day before the opener.

A’s manager Bob Geren refuses to announce anything to the media, and he was bent out of shape that Cahill’s next start was posted on a bulletin board this morning for the media to see. But it’s routine for lineups and pitching schedules to be posted in that area — not for the media to see but for the players themselves to know what they’re doing — so it doesn’t seem like a huge deal.

If it ultimately comes down to Cahill getting the start, it makes a lot of sense based on the terrific season he posted last year. He won 18 games and emerged as the staff ace, at least last season. It’s tough to really label anyone as the No. 1 guy on this staff right now. They’re all so young, and their credentials are pretty similar. Cahill is the guy I would have picked as opening day starter heading into camp.

–The A’s lineup:
Crisp CF
Sweeney RF
Willingham LF
Matsui DH
Suzuki C
Ellis 2B
Jackson 1B
Pennington SS
Sogard 3B

Gonzalez LHP

Joe Stiglich

  • Jeremy

    Cahill hasn’t had a particularly impressive spring, but I do like the idea of rewarding regular season success with the Opening Day start till the true ace emerges.

    In a sense, it says to Gio if you want to start Opening Day 2012… go get some Cy Young votes in 2011.