Joe Stiglich

  • Derek

    A’s management is a Bush League as they come. The ownership group is pathetic and really should sell the team.

    The owners bought the team soley for profit, they have no intent of being competitive. If and when the A’s are competitive under this ownership group it will be by accident and virtually impossible to sustain.

  • BornInOakland

    Eh, Derek, you might want to come in off the ledge for a second. It really isn’t all that and there’s nothing they are doing or not doing to support your view. The A’s are in fact a contender this year and several outlets have them picked to win the division. Take a breath, look at what is actually happening instead of what you think is happening, and let’s see where things land.

  • George

    Where does this leave the deal to buy 860? Not that I mind an FM broadcast station – probably will come in better in my car anyway.

  • Hi Joe, I’m in Sacramento, guess I’m out of range?

  • Derek

    I don’t lose any sleep over the A’s performance, I am a life long fan, however I would never waste my time and money supporting a team owned by the current ownership group.

    I’m a leader not a follower. Born in Oakland you appear to be a sheep.

  • Joe Stiglich

    George, this means the deal to buy 860 is dead. The A’s signed a four-year deal to broadcast on 95.7 and appear happy with it.

  • Joe Stiglich

    From my understanding, fans in Sacramento can pick up A’s games on KSAC, 105.5 FM …