Some postgame thoughts

A couple quick takes on the A’s 1-0 loss to the Mariners, which had that all-too-familiar theme — outstanding pitching and not enough hitting.

–I’m noticing a different tone in manager Bob Geren’s voice after some of these early-season losses. Normally he’s one to put a positive spin on any sort of defeat, but he was very quiet and reserved tonight, clearly disheartened by his team’s lack of run production. And he’s had the same tone after other losses too. To state the obvious, the A’s can’t keep wasting pitching gems like the one they got from Brandon McCarthy tonight (four hits over eight innings).

“It’s frustrating to get that kind of performance and not win a game,” Geren said.

–Considering how much the A’s struggled offensively tonight, I can’t help but think Hideki Matsui should have found his way into the game at some point as a pinch hitter. The A’s were one swing of the bat away from changing the game. I realize Matsui is a bit of a liability running the bases in a close game, but he’s still got to make an appearance.

–I’m very interested to see how Tyson Ross fares in his first start of the season Friday night. And I’m just as curious to see Seattle starting pitcher Michael Pineda, a young stud who I’ve heard and read lots about. The A’s will have their work cut out again …

Joe Stiglich

  • Marc

    I am fed up with this anemic offense. It is unwatchable. Give me your honest opinion Joe, where do you rank Geren among MLB managers? I have always disliked him and I seem to question at least 1 bonehead decision nightly. I understand he is best friends with Beane, but I mean come on. I am still very upset Wash wasn’t hired, that was bush league. I feel like with Geren as manager, we start every game with 1 strike against us……….

  • Joe Stiglich

    There are some strategic moves that I question too, Marc. As I blogged, I think Matsui should have gotten an at-bat somewhere in Thursday night’s game. You can second-guess the use of the bullpen in some instances — why one guy was called upon, or why another guy was left in while he was struggling. … Take the entire body of work into consideration as this season unfolds. It’s still early. … This is Geren’s best team on paper, and it should be performing better than it is, no doubt.

  • I agree guys, I too question quite a few decisions or non-decisions by Geren. I feel Washington should of had the job.Better manager and the players loved him.
    Would really be nice to have a bat or two or three…
    I could go on but I dont want to get myself worked up.

  • wesley strzegowski

    looks like another 500 season. No offense is a liability.

  • Marcus

    Hey Joe, since we can’t drive the ball for hits, how about a few sac bunts and sac flies? At least try and get some productive outs. As I write this, I do recall we strand too many at third! I wonder if our LOBs lead the league? Over the years, Geren has proved to be a poor strategist. Did he play Strat-O-matic when he was a kid? Okay. enough venting for now. Let’s Go Cahill!