Geren searching for right offensive formula

Here are the lineups for Game 2 of A’s-Mariners from Safeco Field:

A’s – Crisp CF, Barton 1B, DeJesus RF, Willingham LF, Matsui DH, Suzuki C, Ellis 2B, Kouzmanoff 3B, Pennington SS; Ross RHP.

M’s – Ichiro RF, Figgins 3B, Bradley LF, Cust DH, Kennedy 1B, Olivo C, Langerhans CF, Ryan SS, Wilson 2B; Pineda RHP.

It’s the sixth time the A’s have gone with their opening day lineup, and it’s the only one that Bob Geren has used more than once. Overall, the A’s have used 14 different lineups over the first 19 games. Right now, Geren would go with any combo that offered the promise of scoring more runs. He says the A’s are trying anything to jumpstart things offensively, including giving the green light on 3-0 counts more often. “We’re trying to build on what we do well and exploit every different way to score runs,” Geren said.

–The stat that says all you need to know: David DeJesus has the highest batting average of any A’s regular. … and he’s hitting just .250.

–First baseman Daric Barton said he still has some flu-like symptoms but feels good enough to play.

That’s all for now …

Joe Stiglich

  • Pboss

    That Geren is a genius. Back to back Shutouts

  • jclay09

    Wonder why he won’t try DeJesus at leadoff or try Powell a little more often.