Conor Jackson in right field as A’s try to break through vs. Mariners

The weather is absolutely perfect in Seattle right now as the A’s take batting practice, but the temperature is sure to drop big-time as the night wears on. Still, it was nice to sit in the dugout while the A’s were hitting and not freeze. …

A’s manager Bob Geren said last night that he planned to start both Conor Jackson and Andy LaRoche tonight against Seattle left-hander Jason Vargas. But only Jackson is in there, playing right field in place of David DeJesus (who is actually hitting .346 over his past seven games). Geren said he thought about giving Cliff Pennington a day off and playing LaRoche at shortstop, but he likes the way Pennington’s swing has looked lately.

The lineups:

A’s – Crisp CF, Barton 1B, Jackson RF, Willingham LF, Matsui DH, Suzuki C, Ellis 2B, Kouzmanoff 3B, Pennington SS; Cahill RHP.

Mariners – Ichiro RF, Figgins 3B, Kennedy 1B, Cust DH, Saunders CF, Rodriguez SS, Gimenez C, Peguero LF, Wilson 2B; Vargas LHP.

–Andrew Bailey threw a 35-pitch bullpen session. All indications are he continues to progress well, but pitching coach Ron Romanick said Bailey will throw at least once more on the side before facing hitters.

That’s all for now …

Joe Stiglich

  • Marc

    Joe, why does Geren always sit his hottest bat?? Dejesus last night, and last week after Barton went 4-5 Geren sat him the next day. It’s not rocket science. I am a very laid back person, but Geren raises my BP.

  • Joe Stiglich

    He actually sat DeJesus on Saturday, and the only reason I can think of was because DeJesus was 0 for 6 (if I remember that right) for his career against Vargas. That’s a pretty small sample size on which to sit a guy. But, I will say that DeJesus couldn’t have scored many points Sunday when he popped up on a 3-1 pitch with a runner on 3rd.

    Sitting Barton that day in Chicago had lots of people scratching their head. Geren did say that Barton was banged up that day and in need of a rest …

    You’ll notice that Geren relies heavily on stats (pitcher/hitter matchups, righty/lefty splits) for when to sit guys. Dusty Baker reminded me of a “gut” manager when he was w/the Giants, making some decisions based purely on a hunch. I’d say Geren is on the opposite end of that spectrum, and I’ll let all of you debate on which philosophy you prefer. Or would you agree/disagree w/that Geren/Baker comparison?

  • Marc

    I agree with you completely Joe, well said. Geren is a Robot and has no gut instinct. This is the reason he is an awful manager. If I had a hitter who was hitting well, yet was 0-6 against a pitcher, I would play him thinking he is due for a hit against the guy.

  • Jan K Oski

    Marc, what could have been yesterday if Sweeney was batting 2nd in front of Jackson? Geren is Beane’s bot indeed, and he isn’t getting bailed out by great hitters like Tejada or Giambi any day soon. This season is shaping into an endless, “what could have been…”