Third (and hopefully last) adjustment on A’s-Angels first pitch

It’s getting comical, I realize, but we’re now looking at an 8:30 p.m. start time tonight at the Coliseum. The tarp is off the field and the rain has stopped. But until I see Brett Anderson emerge from the clubhouse and begin his warm-ups, I won’t be convinced …

Joe Stiglich

  • Ben

    As an A’s fan in Colorado, I really appreciate the A’s blog for info I can’t get on local t.v. Thanks and keep up the good work. Go Athletics.

  • Marc

    Morning Joe, when is Jemile Weeks going to get a shot at playing 2nd? I have always been a huge Ellis fan, but I see no reason why Weeks shouldn’t get a shot. He is playing great at Sac……

  • Joe Stiglich

    Hey Marc … Weeks has definitely impressed at Sacramento, but he’s less than two months into his first season at Triple-A. And considering how much time he’s missed because of repeated hip injuries, I expect the A’s want him to get a little more seasoning. As bad as Ellis has been at the plate, he’s been extremely valuable w/the glove, particularly in recent games. Ellis always starts slow at the plate, so the A’s are holding out hope that he heats up.

    Is Weeks ready to step in as an everyday second baseman for a team hoping to contend? At this point, I think that’s asking too much. Perhaps the bigger short-term question is whether Adam Rosales gets time at second base when he comes off the DL (and if Ellis is still struggling).

    If the A’s are out of the race by August, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Weeks come up and start getting innings. Ellis is a free agent after the season, and Weeks was drafted in the first round to be the future second baseman.

  • Marc

    Thanks Joe, thanks for nice explanation and lets hope Ellis heats up. Go A’s