A link to A’s story on Brian Fuentes controversy

Check out tonight’s game story on the A’s 4-1 loss, with some harsh words from Brian Fuentes regarding manager Bob Geren.

This was a bombshell coming out of an A’s clubhouse in which there’s usually very little boat-rocking. The focus is always on the A’s lack of offense, or the mounting injuries, or …. whatever. Now there’s some off-field drama to navigate through, and that’s uncharted territory for this team in recent years.

Joe Stiglich

  • Marc

    Nice work again Joe. I want your honest candid opinion. It is obvious a managerial change needs to be made IMO. How do you feel about this situation, and who would be a good replacement? Hypothetical question, Wash should have been the manager when Geren was hired, if that happened, how much better do you feel the A’s record would be? I know its hypothetical, but players play harder for a manager they respect. I have NO DOUBT the A’s are over .500 and in first place if Wash was manager. Geren couldn’t run a taco truck.

  • DKnight007

    Beane needs to FIRE Geren within 3 weeks if there is no improvement. He is terrible and he will NOT take this A’s team to where they need to go. It is OBVIOUS!

    If Beane wants to hold any credibility he has left, he needs to FIRE his buddy Geren before it is too late.

    Hiring Geren will go down as Beanes worst move as GM. Never mix friends with winning and business. Geren would never be a manager in the NL and is a major league bench coach at best or Double or Triple A manager. I’m tired of seeing him get consistently out managed in the late innings of games…especially when they A’s are ahead.

  • I think they both need to go.
    Brian Fuentes is pitching terrible and his record reflects it.
    I have questioned Geren almost daily for what seems like years now.

    Marc, I agree the players loved and respected Wash.He should have been without a doubt our man.
    This team right now is borderline unwatchable.

  • bruce

    Beane also got rid of Andre Ethier for Milton Bradley. Then traded a pretty productive Bradley because Geren was scared that Milton would actually want to start in a crowded outfield. Now, we can’t hold Travis Buck , can we? Then traded CarGo & Street for Holliday, a total bust here in his whopping 3 1/2 month tenure . Can anyone name who we got for Bradley and/or Holliday without looking it up? Beane is the real culprit here and Geren just follows suit as a big blowhard in his own right.

  • Son of Hendu

    Cut Geren and hire back Tony D from the Rangers triple A. The players love him, most of them won for him and he wont just sit there while rome burns. And send Perry packing too.