Lew Wolff discusses Bob Geren

A’s co-owner Lew Wolff addressed questions about manager Bob Geren before Wednesday’s game against the Los Angeles Angels. Here’s some highlights from the Q & A:

**Is there any concern when a player says his manager has communication problems?

“No. It’s part of life. I don’t like the word communication because it usually takes two people.”

**how do you feel Geren’s communication is?
“I think Bob’s fantastic. He’s got two sons who are about the same age, not quite as old as our (players), but close. I like the way he deals with everybody.”

****On the perception that GM Billy Beane shows favoritism toward Geren based on their friendship:

“Just the opposite. Billy delayed Bob’s career because he was worried about things like that, which I thought was silly. Billy’s goal is to win ballgames. I don’t think (their friendship) has one thing to do with it.”

***how do you assess Geren’s in-game management?

“I’ve only been doing this for six years, but of all the (managers) I’ve been exposed to, which has been pretty narrow, I think Bob’s fine, terrific.”

Joe Stiglich

  • Andy K


  • crister

    Considering that this is Geren’s last year under contract and that he’s been a . . . less than inspiring manager, injuries or not, isn’t this ultimately a sideshow? I mean, if the team continues to suck like this and end up with a 500 record or less again, then what justification would there be to retain Geren’s services? If he does survive another crappy year like this, then isn’t Oakland just Pirates west at that point?

    What else is Wolff supposed to say? “Uh yeah, I know he sucks, but what do you want me to do? He’s Billy’s friend…” Besides, it’s not like there’s a Ron Washington on the staff…

  • Marc

    I didn’t expect the wolf to bad mouth him, but “terrific”………..I just threw up in my mouth.

  • At this point I think some changes should be made.
    And why is Barton batting second? No homers, 11 RBI’S, 200 average…

  • Derek

    Why are unproductive Barton and Ellis (both hitting below 220) starting for the A’s while Carter and Weeks (330 BA) playing in the minors.

    Teams are starving for pitching, I’m sure we could land a power hitting third baseman for a top notched triple A starter.

    That greedy idiot Wolfe enjoys losing, as it keeps attendance down and strenthens his claims about Oakland and the stadium.

    Hey Wolfe I live in SoCal; Dodger stadium is just as old as the Coliseum, Anaheim Stadium is also an old stadium and they both draw well. Develop a good product and people will come you old pathetic scumbag

  • bruce

    Yeah, Lew! That Beane and Geren tandem reminds everybody of Auerbach and Russell doesn’t it? Ask Houston Street how “terrific” this bum is.

  • DKnight007

    Bob Geren is TERRIBLE and he will not take this A’s team to the next level. It is OBVIOUS!