Lew Wolff discusses Bob Geren

A’s co-owner Lew Wolff addressed questions about manager Bob Geren before Wednesday’s game against the Los Angeles Angels. Here’s some highlights from the Q & A:

**Is there any concern when a player says his manager has communication problems?

“No. It’s part of life. I don’t like the word communication because it usually takes two people.”

**how do you feel Geren’s communication is?
“I think Bob’s fantastic. He’s got two sons who are about the same age, not quite as old as our (players), but close. I like the way he deals with everybody.”

****On the perception that GM Billy Beane shows favoritism toward Geren based on their friendship:

“Just the opposite. Billy delayed Bob’s career because he was worried about things like that, which I thought was silly. Billy’s goal is to win ballgames. I don’t think (their friendship) has one thing to do with it.”

***how do you assess Geren’s in-game management?

“I’ve only been doing this for six years, but of all the (managers) I’ve been exposed to, which has been pretty narrow, I think Bob’s fine, terrific.”

Joe Stiglich