Jemile Weeks called up, he’s leading off and playing second base; Mark Ellis, Brett Anderson join DL

We’ve got more roster shuffling for the A’s today, though unlike Monday, none of it comes as much of a surprise. Mark Ellis was placed on the 15-day DL and highly touted prospect Jemile Weeks was called up. The speedy switch hitter is starting at second and batting leadoff tonight in his big league debut. Talk about getting your feet wet in a hurry. Also, left-hander Brett Anderson was placed on the 15-day DL and lefty Bobby Cramer was called up. Cramer is an obvious candidate to start Friday when Anderson’s turn comes up, but manager Bob Geren says only that Cramer is a candidate. He considers Cramer a relief option over the next couple of days (Guillermo Moscoso déjà vu!!!). If it’s not Cramer on Friday, the A’s will have to call somebody up, and no one who’s a realistic candidate at Triple-A Sacramento is on the 40-man roster. That situation will work itself out.

Anderson is scheduled to see a doctor this evening, and Geren had nothing specific to offer about his condition, other than saying it appeared Anderson wouldn’t be able to make his next couple of starts. That’s why he was placed on the DL.

–There’s precious little for A’s fans to get excited about right now, but Weeks’ debut is something to take notice of. He was Oakland’s first-round pick in 2008 (12th overall), but he immediately suffered a hip injury that really sidetracked him for an extended period. He’s been healthy this season and has shown what he’s capable of in his first taste of Triple-A action. Weeks hit .321 with three homers, 22 RBIs and 10 stolen bases in 45 games.

It’s read-between-the-lines time. … If the A’s continue to tailspin and Weeks shows promise, you have to think he’ll get an extended look at second base as the season unfolds, even if it comes at the expense of Ellis, who’s been a bedrock of dependability and class for the A’s organization for the past decade. I should note that Geren did not even hint that this scenario was a possibility when he was asked about the topic. But when the going gets tough in the standings, the A’s front office starts thinking young. And Weeks is seen as a dynamic leadoff type whose defensive skills are improving. We’ll see how he looks in this mini-audition …

–Interesting scene during batting practice: A fan with a camera standing near the A’s dugout asked Weeks to stay and pose for a picture. Weeks obliged, freezing for several seconds so the fan could get a shot. Let’s just say Weeks turns into a superstar. Pretty cool story for someone to say they snapped an up-close shot of that player a couple of hours before his big league debut. I wonder if the guy’s friends will believe him?

–I’ll give you the lineups, but first I’ll point out that Ed Harris is throwing out the first pitch here at Camden Yards. Very underrated actor, in my opinion. “Just Cause” is my favorite work of his. Check it out if you haven’t …

A’s – Weeks 2B, Barton 1B, DeJesus RF, Willingham LF, Sweeney CF, Suzuki C, Matsui DH, Sizemore 3B, Pennington SS; Moscoso RHP.

O’s – Hardy SS, Markakis RF, Jones CF, Guerrero DH, Lee 1B, Wieters C, Scott LF, Reynolds 3B, Adams 2B; Jakubauskas RHP.

Joe Stiglich

  • crister

    I wonder if Ellis’s hammy is one of those . . . “take your time getting healthy” type of injuries.
    If Carter were healthy this year, would there have been the possibility of Barton being placed on the dl with a pulled hamstring by now too? Would’ve, should’ve, could’ve.

  • This team is painfully unwatchable.
    Geren as team manager defines this whole organization as SUCK.

  • Marc

    I was so optimistic when the Yankees came into town and that is gone now. I really believe if there is any chance to salvage the season and keep pace, Geren needs to be fired tonight. What do the A’s have to lose? Maybe the A’s respond to a new enthusiastic leader and turn it around…..or maybe they don’t. Either way, change is needed. I really want to keep watching because I love the A’s, but I can’t ever remember it feeling this hopeless. Go A’s

  • crister

    “I can’t ever remember it feeling this hopeless.”
    Um, I’m not happy either, but let’s not lose perspective. I can remember near 100 loss seasons not too many years ago. A lot of the 90’s were pretty bad.

    Feeling hopeless is being a Pirates / Royals / Cubs fan.

  • Marc

    Crister, I hear you, but the huge difference is we still had some decent players like McGwire, Canseco and Giambi. 1997 the A’s were 65-97, yet McGwire had 34 hr, Giambi 20, Canseco 23 and even Stairs had 27 bombs. They were entertaining eventhough they sucked. The A’s have none of that now bro, it really is the Pirates,Royals,and Cubs. Zero excitement. That’s all I’m saying.

  • wesley strzegowski

    it is hopeless this year. May not win 70 games this year. The spiral down to being lousy is painful to watch.

  • Sorry for being so negative, but for years if I wasn’t watching on T.V. I would have the radio up to my ear.
    This team right now with this manager, ALMOST has me not careing.