A’s to promote RHP Graham Godfrey for Friday start

A rapid-fire rundown of the pregame news, as the A’s try to avoid a sweep …

–Right-hander Graham Godfrey will be called up from Triple-A to take Friday’s start in place of Brett Anderson. That will mark the big league debut for Godfrey, 26. He wasn’t a regular invitee to big league spring training, so Godfrey is a bit of an unknown quantity if you haven’t been following the A’s farm system carefully. But I’m told he’s got a decent fastball that used to be around 91 miles per hour but has increased a tick in velocity this season. He also has a nice changeup. Keith Lieppman, the A’s director of player development, compares him a bit to Guillermo Moscoso in his approach. The A’s will have to clear a spot on the 40-man roster for Godfrey, but they don’t have to do that until Friday.

–A’s manager Bob Geren said that Hideki Matsui could (emphasis on “could”) be in line for a regular block of playing time soon in an effort to jumpstart his bat. Geren didn’t give a time frame for when that might happen. You’ve noticed that Matsui has essentially become a platoon DH against right-handers. He’s out of the lineup tonight against Orioles lefty Zach Britton. I know there’s a lot of speculation right now about whether the A’s might cut ties with Matsui at some point considering how much he’s struggled. But, based on what Geren is saying, it looks as if Matsui might get a chance to hit his way out of that slump. What exactly that will consist of – a string of consecutive starts against righties and lefties? – I don’t know. Stay tuned on that front …

–Geren also said he’s toyed with the idea of hitting Cliff Pennington second and sliding Daric Barton back down to the sixth spot. It makes sense. Pennington has been one of the A’s best hitters lately, and Barton seemed very comfortable hitting lower in the order. Again, no indication from Geren when such a move might happen. And he only said he was considering it …

–Coco Crisp has another new hairstyle. He’s shaved each side of his head, sort of giving him a Mohawk look. Or a “Mo-Fro,” as I heard someone near the batting cage tell him.

Tonight’s lineups:

A’s – Crisp CF, Barton 1B, Jackson LF, Willingham DH, Suzuki C, DeJesus RF, Rosales 3B, Pennington SS, Weeks 2B; Outman LHP.

Orioles – Andino 2B, Markakis RF, Jones CF, Guerrero DH, Lee 1B, Wieters C, Hardy SS, Reynolds 3B, Reimold LF; Britton LHP.

Joe Stiglich