A’s to promote RHP Graham Godfrey for Friday start

A rapid-fire rundown of the pregame news, as the A’s try to avoid a sweep …

–Right-hander Graham Godfrey will be called up from Triple-A to take Friday’s start in place of Brett Anderson. That will mark the big league debut for Godfrey, 26. He wasn’t a regular invitee to big league spring training, so Godfrey is a bit of an unknown quantity if you haven’t been following the A’s farm system carefully. But I’m told he’s got a decent fastball that used to be around 91 miles per hour but has increased a tick in velocity this season. He also has a nice changeup. Keith Lieppman, the A’s director of player development, compares him a bit to Guillermo Moscoso in his approach. The A’s will have to clear a spot on the 40-man roster for Godfrey, but they don’t have to do that until Friday.

–A’s manager Bob Geren said that Hideki Matsui could (emphasis on “could”) be in line for a regular block of playing time soon in an effort to jumpstart his bat. Geren didn’t give a time frame for when that might happen. You’ve noticed that Matsui has essentially become a platoon DH against right-handers. He’s out of the lineup tonight against Orioles lefty Zach Britton. I know there’s a lot of speculation right now about whether the A’s might cut ties with Matsui at some point considering how much he’s struggled. But, based on what Geren is saying, it looks as if Matsui might get a chance to hit his way out of that slump. What exactly that will consist of – a string of consecutive starts against righties and lefties? – I don’t know. Stay tuned on that front …

–Geren also said he’s toyed with the idea of hitting Cliff Pennington second and sliding Daric Barton back down to the sixth spot. It makes sense. Pennington has been one of the A’s best hitters lately, and Barton seemed very comfortable hitting lower in the order. Again, no indication from Geren when such a move might happen. And he only said he was considering it …

–Coco Crisp has another new hairstyle. He’s shaved each side of his head, sort of giving him a Mohawk look. Or a “Mo-Fro,” as I heard someone near the batting cage tell him.

Tonight’s lineups:

A’s – Crisp CF, Barton 1B, Jackson LF, Willingham DH, Suzuki C, DeJesus RF, Rosales 3B, Pennington SS, Weeks 2B; Outman LHP.

Orioles – Andino 2B, Markakis RF, Jones CF, Guerrero DH, Lee 1B, Wieters C, Hardy SS, Reynolds 3B, Reimold LF; Britton LHP.

Joe Stiglich

  • crister

    Anderson to the 60 day dl perhaps?
    Is there any way Barton could be dropped to 10th in the lineup?

  • This might sound lame, but maybe if they keep losing they’ll be forced to make a big change.

  • Marc

    Boob Geren’s days are numbered….

  • DKnight007


    BOB GEREN FIRED BY A’s! About a year too late!

    Beane needed to say adios to his buddy….or he was going to be hot seat himself. Time to move on from that turd of a manager.

    I had been screaming here and all over the 860am sports airwaves and on the 95.7 the wolf on Townsends show since last year Geren needed to fired!

    Beane finally made a smart move!

  • sports man

    I have been complaining about the A’s GM ‘Billy the Beane boy’; for about good 7 years for his antics and how to destroy the team by being a ‘back seat driver’ and try to COACH the team from his GM position; exactly telling players NOT to swing and make the opposing pitcher “tired”. No stealing or bunting, thus making the A’s a very predictable foe. Now the media moguls in the Bay Area are saying the same thing that his idea is to make the team ‘flop’ in Oakland and move somewhere else for his PERSONAL profit suiting his own hidden agenda. He will end up doing that and no one but a few folks can see this coming. It is a SHAME, Shame on you Billy Beane Shame on you….

  • Geren is gone.
    Good luck Melvin, maybe the players will respond.

  • wesley strzegowski

    Marc… you must be a happy fan today. Gerin is gone …now we support …hopefully ….a kick ass leader of men.

    Hopefully, he get the team back to 500 ball by the end of the season. Now they have to get him some major league hitters.

    wes from the east coast.

  • Marc

    I am excited again, but we need some bats. Interesting article

    Mike Sweeney Sounds Off

    Tensions between now-former A’s manager Bob Geren and his players have existed for years, sources told ESPN.com, and there was a culture of fear that if a player made even one mistake, a second chance could be fleeting. Former player Mike Sweeney was released in 2008 the day after he made an impassioned speech on the team bus, grabbing the microphone and telling his teammates, among other things, that baseball was meant to be fun and that they were “being held captive, and the inmates need to run the prison!”

    Sweeney told ESPN.com he had approached Geren on a team flight from Baltimore to Detroit and asked if he could have a players-only bus back to the hotel. Geren declined, and although he wasn’t on the bus, at least two other coaches rode with the players back to the hotel. Sweeney said he felt he needed to let each player on a young team know that “we are one of 750 guys who have the privilege of playing this game. Work hard, have fun, respect the game.”

    It was a culmination of frustrations, mostly a failure of communication with Geren, but also, according to sources, a suspicion by those in the game that the A’s front office was controlling much of what happened on the field. Sweeney, generally thought as one of the nicest players in the game, wanted to rally his teammates and remind them to have fun and relax.

    “A lot of joy had been ripped out of that locker room,” Sweeney said.

    The next day, Sweeney said he was told the A’s didn’t have enough room for him on the team and he either could go on the 60-day disabled list or be released. Sweeney told the A’s to release him. He said he couldn’t in good faith collect money while he didn’t feel he was hurt. When asked if he felt his release was a direct result of his rallying speech on the team bus the night before, Sweeney said, “In my heart, there was a direct line between the two, but I have no proof.”

    Sweeney, who retired this spring after 16 major league seasons, said he respects Geren as a man, and he doesn’t hold any grudges. Sweeney also repeatedly stressed that he appreciated being given a chance to play in Oakland, and the next time he saw Geren and general manager Billy Beane after his release he warmly greeted them and felt there were no hard feelings.

    “I want to make this clear,” Sweeney said. “I don’t want to bash Bob Geren. Bob Geren is a great man, a Christian man, a great father and husband. But I also want the story to be accurate.”

    — ESPN.com’s Amy K. Nelson

  • wesley strzegowski

    Marc,thanks for sharing the Sweeney article. Gerin, in reality, was a below average player and manager. The good news is the future may be better for the A’s. A 500 season is the best we can hope for.

    wes…the east coast fan

  • wesley strzegowski

    losing streak is now 10 and the pitching is now falling. Woe is the A’s fan.

  • Marc

    I thought u might enjoy this Wes….
    Former Oakland A’s Catcher Rob Bowen Blows Up Bob Geren, Billy Beane

    Jun 09 12:12p by David Fucillo

    Read More: bob geren fired, bob geren, billy beane, Rob Bowen (C – OAK), Oakland Athletics

    As would be expected, the Oakland Athletics decision to fire Bob Geren has brought the critics to the forefront. That’s not to say these are just piling on now, but rather this decision is providing some folks a chance to go public with previous criticisms.

    Rob Bowen was quick to hit Twitter today to air his displeasure with Bob Geren as a major league manager:

    Finally the A’s have realized Geren has destroyed a dozen pitcher’s careers and doesn’t have a clue how to manage a big league clubless than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone Favorite Retweet ReplyRob Bowen

    Well then. I’m not the smartest man in the world, but it’s safe to say Bowen was not trying to be subtle with his comment. He actually followed that tweet up with several others critical of Billy Beane and his general philosophies. Mindi Back of CSN asked him what manager could find success under Beane, and Bowen responded by saying that it would at least require Beane leaving the manager alone and letting manage however he manages.

    Ever since Moneyball, criticisms have been extensive against the A’s general manager. One of the prominent ones surrounds his expressed belief that managers were not all that important. One has to wonder if his decision to fire a manager mid-season (a first for him) could mean a change in that philosophy is at hand. A’s fans will be watching the decisions of Bob Melvin quite closely.

  • Cindy

    Hey Joe,
    Looks like Billy did it again. Why would you hire a Ex Giants Player to manage your A’s team. When there are ex Oakland A’s players that might be ready for this job Carney Lansford, Dave Stewart, Rickey Henderson and even Ray Fosse to name a few. They have the passion that the A’s need. Geren needed to go Goodbye Captain Bob, Hello Last place team…
    Same old stuff…

  • wesley strzegowski

    thanks marc. time to let the dust settle. And hope they play 500 ball for the rest of the season.

    the a’s may not recover for another 5 to 10 years. they are that bed.


  • wesley strzegowski

    bed = bad

  • The streak is at 1 and counting.