A’s reach the halfway point — what’s in store from here?

The A’s hit the halfway point of the season tonight with game # 81. So right off the bat, I’ll throw the question out to you: Do you have optimism that this team can make a second-half run to be a factor in the American League West race? Or is it time to once again start looking down the road to next year? This goes hand in hand with the decision the A’s face with the trade deadline approaching. Do they keep this core veteran group together and play for this season, perhaps even add a piece through a trade? Or do they sell off the marketable players they have (think outfielders and/or relievers) and try to get some prospects?

There’s a bit of pregame news …

–Tyson Ross will make a rehab start for Triple-A Sacramento on Thursday, with another one after that five days later.

–Josh Willingham is doing very well in his recovery from an Achilles injury. In fact, A’s manager Bob Melvin said he thought Willingham might be able to be activated tomorrow from the DL were he eligible. As it stands, Sunday is the first day he can return.

–Melvin said he believes he has several players worthy of All-Star consideration (Gio Gonzalez, Grant Balfour, TRevor Cahill, Andrew Bailey), but he said Gonzalez would have to top that list right now. Tough to argue w/him there. All-Star pitchers and reserves will be announced Sunday.

Tonight’s lineups:

A’s — Weeks 2B, Pennington SS, Crisp CF, Matsui DH, Jackson 1B, Sweeney LF, Suzuki C, DeJesus RF, Sizemore 3B; Moscoso RHP.

Marlins — Bonifacio 3B, Infante 2B, Sanchez 1B, Ramirez SS, Morrison LF, Stanton RF, Dobbs DH, Buck C, Wise CF; Nolasco RHP.

Joe Stiglich

  • wesley strzegowski

    No turnaround with this team. This team is terrible offensively. Matsui, Dejesus and Fuentes are trade bait for future offense prospects. Tough to rebuild when there are no offense players in the farm system. Realistically, this team will struggle for 5 to 10 more years.

  • Son of Hendu

    The A’s have scored 8 runs in the last 5 games. Would it kill Melvin to get Carter a start or even an at bat?

  • Jan K Oski

    Well said, gents. I’m glad I only paid for one game this year. I thought Melvin wasn’t going to play favorites, but Crisp is still doing nothing in the 3rd spot. If Melvin doesn’t try a new face there and at the 4th spot, I’m going to think he is that other Bob in disguise…

  • Jeremy

    Hoping Dejesus, Jackson, and Fuentes are traded for useful pieces and Tyson Ross is traded for Yonder Alonso. Then with the A’s top 5 pick they land a legitimate middle of the order hitter and future franchise player.

  • I say try to salvage this year. we are not that far out of first place, considering 81 games are still to be played. I just hate the thought of once again (in june)having to look down the road to next year.
    Obviously a couple of additions would have to be made.
    This current team is just SO boring.
    I’m faithful to this team, but they are testing the limits.

  • wesley strzegowski

    Zgoddbag, you captured my inner feelings: “I’m faithful to this team, but they are testing the limits.”

    So boring with the offense and with no signs of improvement ahead. Reminds me of a high school team…they make easy outs and can’t hit in the clutch. That is why I’m watching the met’s rebound with hitting and passion to win.

  • Derek

    Why is Chris Carter sitting on the bench while hitless wonders like Conner Jackson and Matsui are playing, it’s totally ridiculous.

    Also is Billy Beane retarded or what, it’s clear to anyone watching the team that it needs a power bat or two. The A’s have great starting pitching with surplus, why is Beane sitting on pitching while the team has NO hitting.

    Beane never built a winner, it had to be his underlings who have since been hired elsewhere throughout the league.

  • wesley strzegowski

    This will be my last message. Today’s loss confirmed that this year’s team is beyond hope. I wish die hard fans the best.

    Wes the east coast fan who has lost his loyalty to a once great organization. There is no A’s pride in this team.

  • Now we let the Marlins take two out of three, at home.
    Wesley, I envy you. I have tried to watch other teams and I’m just not able to get into it if its not the A’S. Drag for me, but it has been like this since 1973.

  • DKnight007

    Hmm. I would like to see Beane do something different and actually be a slight buyer. I think the A’s should take advantage of the messed up situation with the Dodgers and try and trade for some of their talent.

    I would go after Matt Kemp and see if they can trade two minor leaguers and maybe Barton or Willingham?

    Matt Kemp would bring a a solid right hand bat in the middle of the A’s lineup!

  • Much of the optimism really depends on tonight. I’d love to see Harden contribute more than just one or two starts in the second half. He has a better career ERA than Cliff Lee, but is never on the field. Given the injuries to Braden and Anderson he can give a huge lift to the rotation.

  • Mark I agree with you about Harden. What a nice lift he could bring. I have always liked him, and he is very good when healthy.But as you know he is rarely healthy. We A’S fans are due something good, maybe this is it.