Outman’s demotion and how the A’s starting rotation shakes out

A quick, non-All Star Game related update …

–A’s manager Bob Melvin said Josh Outman’s demotion was merely a numbers’ game, and that he told Outman as much. It’s not too surprising that Outman is the odd man out of the six starters that were in the A’s mix. He’s battled a bit of arm fatigue, still feeling the effects of a long layoff from Tommy John surgery. I’d expect to see him back at some point this season. He was a very solid fill-in with all the rotation injuries.

So the rotation going into the All-Star break: Gio Gonzalez today, followed by Brandon McCarthy, Trevor Cahill and Guillermo Moscoso against Seattle; Rich Harden, Gonzalez, McCarthy and Cahill against the Rangers. It will be interesting once Tyson Ross is ready to return from the DL. Does he bump someone in the rotation? Join the bullpen? Stay in the minors?

Melvin said he didn’t want to speculate about whether Ross would rejoin the rotation after the break. “I’m not going to go there as far as whether he’ll start or relieve.  He can do both.” That was interesting to hear because Melvin wasn’t directly asked about Ross as a bullpen option …

Today’s lineups, w/Cliff Pennington back down in the No. 9 spot for the first time in a while.

A’s –Weeks 2B, Sizemore 3B, Crisp CF, Matsui LF, Carter DH, Jackson 1B, DeJesus RF, Powell C, Pennington SS; Gonzalez LHP.

Diamondbacks: Bloomquist LF, Johnson 2B, Upton RF, Young CF, Drew SS, Pena DH, Nady 1B, Roberts 3B, Blanco C; Kennedy RHP.

Joe Stiglich