A’s look to turn tide against Rangers

Tonight’s lineups, as the A’s try to find the win column in Arlington:

A’s — Weeks 2B, Crisp CF, Matsui LF, Willingham DH, Sizemore 3B, DeJesus RF, Carter 1B, Powell C, Pennington SS; McCarthy RHP.

Rangers — Kinsler 2B, Andrus SS , Hamilton LF, Beltre DH, Young 3B, Cruz RF, Moreland 1B, Torrealba C, Chavez CF, Lewis RHP.

–This marks the second straight game that Josh Willingham serves as DH. He told me before batting practice that he’s feeling fine physically, and A’s manager Bob Melvin said Willingham would be back in left field Sunday.

–Notable stats involving tonight’s starting pitchers: Adrian Beltre is 6 for 17 (.353) with one homer lifetime against the A’s Brandon McCarthy. Hideki Matsui, who has been stuck on 499 career professional homers for 18 games now, is 6 for 16 (.375) with two homers against the Rangers’ Colby Lewis.

Joe Stiglich

  • Marc

    That game just ripped my heart out……I need a break from this team. Unreal loss

  • Jan K Oski

    I’m with you, Marc. My father-in-law wants to check out a game at the end of the month, when he arrives from Aussie land. I’m not sure if I have the time to waste.

  • wesley strzegowski

    Guys…just accept the fact that this is a bad year for the A’s. You both have the giants to cheer for.

    I’m supporting any team that plays against the yanks. Have to cheer for the new upstarts like Pittsburgh, Cleavland’s and Arizona. Pittsburgh has gone 18 years without playing 50O ball.

    What is scary that the A’s are the new Pittsburgh or kc of baseball.

    Hopefully, some day the A’s will be a good team again.

  • Marc

    I wanted to give the A’s one more chance today to see what kind of heart they had. The A’s have managed to put me in a bad mood, and as my wife said, “why do you watch them when they keep doing this to you?”…….because they have been my team for 35 years. I am now officially done for at least a few weeks. BTW, Carter isn’t and will never ever be a good mlb player. He has zero spark and is in lala land.

  • qodrn

    what a horrible series all around. Hot as get out, guy falls on head and dies and the A’s like a typical bad team can’t get it together with hitting and pitching. I am going to glue my A’s bobblehead back together and see if that helps. My Mulder is missing its arms which somehow fits for this team.

    How about not starting anyone hitting below say .225? And benching any body who makes a stupid error.

  • qodrn

    Anyone know if the A’s announcers ever said anything else about the guy who fell? I missed watching the games on Friday and Saturday. Thanks. I suppose it would nice of some A’s went to the funeral. Wonder if Pres. Bush will show up.

  • Jan K Oski

    Wes, I’m actually a Pirates fan, so I find it very odd they’re having their best year in many years. I could never be a Giants fan, East bay pride keeps me from that.

    Qodrn, I think you might be getting part of your wish, if they continue their losing ways. Unfortunately, your .225 bottom is going to be tough to fulfill…

  • wesley strzegowski

    Jan…hope Pittsburgh finished above 500 ball for you this year. The all star break will help cool the negative emotion over the A’s downward spiral.

    I’m nervous… the potential is there for a bad season…like 62 -100. but I’m mentally prepared for it.