Crisp gets a day off, plus a little Matsui discussion

Slow news morning for the A’s … Coco Crisp is getting a day off, with Ryan Sweeney playing center field after his big night Wednesday.

–Hideki Matsui was a big topic in Bob Melvin’s media session, no surprise considering how he’s hitting. I asked Melvin about whether he thinks the outfield time that Matsui is getting might be benefitting him on the offensive side. Melvin said he definitely thinks that’s the case, and that Matsui told him after interleague play ended that he’d like to continue playing some defense in addition to serving as DH.

“I think it helps with his focus,” Melvin said. “He’s so in tuned to the game, you’re almost not using the full potential of him by just DH’ing him.”

Today’s lineups:

A’s — Weeks 2B, Pennington SS, Matsui DH, Willingham LF, DeJesus RF, Jackson 1B, Sweeney CF, Suzuki C, Sizemore 3B; Harden RHP.

Rays — Jennings LF, Damon DH, Longoria 3B, Zobrist 2B, Kotchman 1B, Upton CF, Joyce RF, Chirinos C, Rodriguez SS; Davis RHP.

Joe Stiglich