2:30 p.m. (ET) is rescheduled start time

First pitch is tentatively set for 2:30 p.m. (11:30 a.m. West Coast). The grounds crew is taking the tarp off the field as I write …

Key word here: “tentatively”

Joe Stiglich

  • Stan

    Nothing tentative aobut 22-7. Beane going to the Cubs?
    I had to laugh at a caller to 95.7 about the miracle job Beane has done for Oakland over the years he said very sincerely. Then,he listed some of the players Beane “Had to trade”..lol..an all star team like Ethier to Gonzalez and Street,Swisher,..well,you know the long list of ex A’s all stars for other teams..many traded for old players who soon left the A’s..with nothing to show for it.
    Some fans must be blind (I’m being nice) to think Beane turned down the Red Sox years ago because he was Loyal to Wolff or the A’s. HE WAS GREEDY..he knew the constraints the “4th Richest ownership in MLB” was soon to put on him. Thats why he’s part owner. Beane chose to destroy all future stars staying in Oakland,ruined attendance,made any backing of a new stadium gone with the last place finish’s.
    The upper deck tarp said-stay away fans when we play the Giants,Yankee’s..or hope for a good home team that would fill those seats…no accident.
    Beanes made a fortune ruining the A’s,destroying a great heritage. Now thats he banked the huge wealth, Well,he’s going to go to the Cubs and try!
    What does it all say about Beanes love of baseball and Oakland? You know what.