A’s-Red Sox nightcap in rain delay (surprise!)

In a shocking development, another rain delay has halted play between the A’s and Red Sox. Boston leads 3-0 in the top of the fifth with no outs, Anthony Recker on first for the A’s and Jemile Weeks batting with a 2-2 count. Had Boston recorded three more outs, this game would be official and it could be declared a Red Sox victory. It really started pouring, so I don’t know that they could have continued playing. I’m still scratching my head over why the second game was started to begin with. The heavy rain has been in the forecast all day.

If this game were postponed at this point and needed to be made up to decide Boston’s postseason fate, the teams would replay the entire game. Oakland and Boston don’t share any common days off, so making this one up would be tricky.

It’s too bad for Recker, who could have his first major league hit wiped off the books.

Joe Stiglich

  • Stan

    Holy Moly!..9am and still going at it at 7pm our time all. Must be close to a record of longest doubleheader.

  • Stan

    What a perfect waste of a Sunday. No A’s ball.

  • Stan

    Only a haze in Boston right now,70f an donly a 30% chance of rain…the game today would have already ended. All that insanity yesterday for nothing but to give the Red Sox an edge.