Aftermath of the Conor Jackson trade

Here’s a quick take on the Conor Jackson trade …

It was no shocker to see him dealt. The emergence of Brandon Allen had pushed Jackson into a minor role. But the bigger impact is the playing time this might open up for September call-ups. There’s one less player now vying for playing time at first base/outfield. As I’ve written before, the rest of this season should be about evaluating young players who might be part of the future moving forward. Not just Allen and Jemile Weeks, but also a guy like Michael Taylor. I realize Taylor hasn’t destroyed Triple-A pitching, but I’m surprised he hasn’t gotten a look yet with the big club. There’s a better opportunity to get him up here with Jackson out of the picture. Chris Carter? It’s going to be trickier to find him playing time in the majors given how impressive Allen has been at first. Carter could get DH at-bats, but if the A’s are entertaining any thoughts of re-signing Hideki Matsui (I’ve gotten no indication one way or another), they probably wouldn’t want to take the veteran out of the lineup.

Bottom line, it’s still unclear whether Taylor, 25, and Carter, 24, are factors for this team in 2012, and that’s a problem. At this point, you need to give these guys extended playing time in the big leagues or assume they’re not part of the plans moving forward.

–One last thought on the Jackson trade. It’s tough to see him go from a beat writer’s standpoint. He was definitely one of the team’s best quotes, a guy who would give an intelligent take on whatever question you threw at him. The Red Sox press corps is in for a pleasant surprise …

Joe Stiglich

  • J Canseco

    I’d put Willingham and starting DH next year, and cycle the young guys through there as backups. Matsui’s Melvin-era emergence was nice to see but he’s just too old.

  • Stan

    I would take Hideki over giving Chris Carter more chances to prove he’s not a MLB hitter.
    I don’t know how much worse Carter has to be as a hitter or fielder to prove he’s a waste of more time. Trade him is the best option left.
    Brandon Allen must have been on some type of PEDs since high school. He’s a keeper. Just,what does Arizona know that we don’t to trade him for magic beans?

  • dingo

    Chris Carter’s play has only demonstrated that he does not belong in the big leagues – and starting him ahead of Godzilla (as DH) would not be wise. The A’s are better off playing vets such as DeJesus or Coco Crisp if triple-A players such as Carter or Michael Taylor (.276 BA, 16 homers at Sacto) are their best OF prospects.