Moscoso loses no-hitter with two outs in the eighth

Guillermo Moscoso lost his no-hit bid with two outs in the top of the eighth, when Salvador Perez lined a 2-2 pitch into right field for a clean single. Moscoso had 11 straight hitless innings dating back to Friday. He’s been dialed in all day, giving up just a sixth-inning walk for his only other base runner.

Moscoso is at 106 pitches and Fautino De Los Santos is warming up pretty leisurely in the bullpen. It looks like Moscoso will get a chance for his first complete game in the majors.

Joe Stiglich

  • Stan

    Applause= Moscoso.

  • Stan

    Todays BANG article of Beane is more local media going puff peice on Beane. Six years of losing…and when he says its the Coloseum’s fault,not one single reporter asks why was the Coloseum good enough for 5 WS wins..and Beane’s 102 win team?. Seems like the obvious to point out. None do. Not Kawakami,not Slusser,not..anybody. Just me and the rest of the A’s fans.
    Maybe,Beanes self imposed fiscal interests now rule the team? I think thats what the teams problem is..I KNOW it is.
    Wolff the Harvard and bronx mobster and Slick Billy in his Panama hat and designer sunglasses. Money makes strange bedfellows.

  • Gene Nelson

    The A’s should consider the future of the organization by taking a long look at the players who have an impact next season: Taylor, Carter, De Los Santos, Donaldson. They’ll have to trade Dallas Braden and Ryan Sweeney, and not re-sign Crisp or Rich Harden:

  • Stan

    LOL! wheres the last TWO games??