Chris Carter, Graham Godfrey join A’s

We had a little A’s news this morning with the promotion of first baseman Chris Carter and right-hander Graham Godfrey from Triple-A. In talking to manager Bob Melvin this morning, it doesn’t sound like Carter is slated for much playing time. Melvin says he would like to get Carter a start against a right-handed pitcher, whether it’s at first base or DH. But Brandon Allen remains the regular guy at first base.

The bigger issue is how Carter fits into the grand scheme looking ahead to 2012. Though Allen has been racking up strikeouts in bunches, he’s shown enough to definitely be considered for the everyday job going into next spring. Do the A’s view Carter as a candidate to be the regular DH next season? That will certainly impact whether the A’s consider re-signing Hideki Matsui. Melvin acknowledged that there’s not enough time this season to evaluate Carter and get a good read on where he fits into the team’s picture looking ahead to spring training. Melvin was asked how he sees Carter fitting into the 2012 plans. “I think a lot would have to do with some of the free agents we have and whether they sign back or not,” he said.

Understand that it’s hard for Melvin to look too far into the future because he’s still wearing the “interim manager” label. Certainly he has some thoughts on the makeup of next year’s squad, but he’s not going to share too much right now …

The lineups:
A’s — Weeks 2B, Crisp CF, Matsui DH, Willingham LF, DeJesus RF, Pennington SS, Allen 1B, Suzuki C, Sizemore 3B; Gonzalez LHP.

Tigers — Jackson CF, Ordonez RF, Raburn LF, Cabrera 1B, Martinez DH, Peralta SS, Inge 3B, Worth 2B, Santos C; Porcello RHP.

Joe Stiglich

  • Stan

    You didn’t mention the Moneyball junket Joe. Congrats.
    I truly think Slick Billy is all that’s wrong with corporate America. He’s slashed the team from the moment he became part owner. AND- I wouldn’t be surprised as the A’s attendence sinks like the Yahoo story said,Slick Billy and Mobster Wolff(and those philanthropes Fishers bros/family-except to Oakland and A’s fans) lay off the comman man and woman employee’s to keep that profit maximized. No press releases to announce that I’m sure. Meanwhile as a failed GM of a large corporation,Beane suffers not at all.
    Unlike a winner Neukom,Beane hides at his ballpark. Typical thriving cockroach executive he is.

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    And Brad Pitt hold up Slick Billy as somebody to admire?? Slick hates urban Oakland and it’s people. We know that. Thats why he’s in Danville and wants to move the team.
    Anybody ever tell Brad the truth about Slick Billy?