Roof is closed as A’s, Mariners begin season’s final series

What’s the mental image you get when you think of Seattle? Rainy, overcast, overall gloomy? That’s the type of afternoon we had today, so the roof is closed at Safeco Field for the opener of this season-closing series between the A’s and Mariners.

There’s an interesting look to Oakland’s lineup with Chris Carter and Michael Taylor batting back-to-back in the order. How often will we see these two bunched together next season, if at all, at the big league level? We might not get clarity on that until next spring, but the team’s offseason decisions (which free agents they decide to bring back, and which ones they pursue from other teams) will impact the futures of both Carter and Taylor.

–Shortstop Cliff Pennington is out with his oblique injury, but A’s manager Bob Melvin is hopeful of Pennington starting tomorrow. Right fielder David DeJesus remains out with a hip injury, and Melvin isn’t as optimistic about DeJesus for tomorrow.

The lineups:
A’s — Weeks 2B, Crisp CF, Matsui DH, Willingham LF, Sizemore 3B, Suzuki C, Carter 1B, Taylor RF, Rosales SS; McCarthy RHP.

Mariners — Ichiro RF, Rodriguez SS, Ackley 2B, Carp DH, Smoak 1B, Olivo C, Robinson LF, Liddi 3B, Saunders CF; Vargas LHP.

Joe Stiglich

  • crister

    Between guy’s sucky performance, injuries, the Geren drama, the continued Montrealization of Oakland baseball and the most recent SF Chron report about the team maybe going all firesale for the possible remaining years in Oakland, it’s been a pretty crappy season.

  • Stan

    Yeah,I knew after the Hoople died down there would be a Moneyball backlash. And Art Howe isn’t making Beane look any better or that the movie claims it was Beane who made talentless players winners -and with an oaf for a manager. Just wild claims.
    For those who know,Alderson and especially the great A’s scouting system built under him,created the great teams we had. ALL that Beane has done since mating with Lew Wolff is tear apart the winning tradition to marginally increase profits. Oh,they were going to make money…just easier to make more this way.
    I saw Wolff lie through his teeth on wating for the territorial rights decision. Lew-your a terrible actor..even Ray Fosse wasnt buyin what you were sellin. Such a shallow excuse for you to further ruin the team. At your age Lew-money still is everything? I guess for your types-it goes with you to the grave.

  • Stan

    whew-Brandon McCarthy wife on 95.7..sounds like a spoiled rich girl. I hope she’s not going to be regular.

  • Sal Fassano

    Art Howe should be honored to be played by an Oscar winner! If anything, I’d say that Miguel Tejada should be disappointed by how and by whom he was portrayed. Wash was fine, Hatteberg was pretty good. Where’s T-Long? Oh, and of course there’s Billy….