Chip Hale hired as Oakland A’s bench coach

Just because the regular season ends doesn’t mean the A’s news stops …

Chip Hale was announced as the team’s new bench coach Wednesday, replacing Joel Skinner. It’s a good local story. Hale, 46****, was born in San Jose and went to Campolindo High in Moraga, about a 20-minute drive from the Coliseum. He served as the New York Mets’ third base/infield coach for the past two seasons, and he was a finalist to be their manager in 2011 before Terry Collins was hired. Not surprisingly, he has a history with A’s manager Bob Melvin, having served as Melvin’s third base/infield coach with the Arizona Diamondbacks from 2007-09. Melvin had said he wanted to bring in coaches he was familiar with, and I’d say that’s especially true of a bench coach, who serves as the manager’s right-hand man and takes over the club if the skipper gets ejected. Hale received a two-year deal, by the way.

That leaves three spots on Melvin’s staff left to fill — hitting coach, pitching coach and bullpen coach (though Rick Rodriguez is a candidate to return in that last role).

Check out Chip Hale’s stats from his playing career if you like …

Joe Stiglich

  • crister

    Oh my God I feel so old. I have this guy’s rookie cards. I know I have some Topps, but I think I also have some Upper Deck ones too. Supposed to be the next big thing for the Twins back in the day. Whatever…

  • I think the hiring of Chip Hale is A great fit for the Oakland A’s now the only problem is trying to find a hitting coach that is going to get this team to hit

  • Stan

    And one A’s coach deemed not worthy is going to his second straight World Series-Wash. That pretty much sums up Slick Billys last near decade. Either..on and on.
    And an outdated book that caught Brad Pitts eye results in the con artist formerly known as Beane,to bank another fortune.
    ALL that’s wrong with America. Maybe those protesters on Wall Street will hear about Slick…

  • Stan

    Jeez,LaRussa ex A’s coach vs Wash, and then you got slugger Holliday-the A’s could use him now huh? and Johnny Damon is on Tex roster isn’t he?..Beane man sure was a good co -GM when Alderson was here. Or maybe it was all Sandy.

  • Joe Stiglich

    Johnny Damon is not w/Rangers. Perhaps you’re thinking of Nelson Cruz?

  • Stan

    That’s on me Joe.
    Hey,I see Slick Billy -who was available 24/7 to sell Moneyball the Movie,won’t return messages about Curt Young?
    Slick too busy weedeating to check his email?