David DeJesus signs with Chicago Cubs

Scratch one outfield option off the A’s list for 2012. … David DeJesus signed a two-year deal with the Chicago Cubs that guarantees him $10 million, with a club option for 2014.

It’s no secret that DeJesus’ first (and only) season with Oakland was a disappointment — he hit .240 with 10 homers and 46 RBIs, and his struggles contributed greatly to a poor offensive first half that buried the A’s in the AL West. The team offered him arbitration last week, and being that DeJesus is a Type B free agent and declined arbitration, the A’s get a sandwich draft pick between the first and second rounds as compensation.

It’s a great deal for DeJesus, who lives in the Chicago area and reportedly will be the Cubs’ starting right fielder. There seemed little chance he would return to Oakland even after being offered arbitration. But now that he’s officially gone, it sheds more light on the A’s uncertain outfield situation. Left fielder Josh Willingham appears all but gone to free agency, and though Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal has reported the A’s are interested in retaining free agent center fielder Coco Crisp, they clearly have holes to fill. The A’s could lean on a combination of Ryan Sweeney, Michael Taylor, Jai Miller, Jermaine Mitchell and recently acquired Cedric Hunter for their outfield. But all are unknown quantities other than Sweeney, and how comfortable would you feel plugging in any combination of those players and counting on them to produce?

The outfield is definitely an area to watch as this offseason unfolds. I’d be surprised if the A’s don’t make more moves to address that area one way or another …

Joe Stiglich

  • Stan

    No doubt DeJesus was struck by Beane’s genius. His GM genius,his batting advice genius,and his PR with fans genius.
    After being struck so many times he left for Chicago.

  • marc

    DeJesus just sucked, plain and simple. Good riddance.

  • Anon

    Stan – so you’re insinuating that Beane had direct contact with DeJesus on his batting, therefore sucked? You’re a genius alright….

  • Michael

    DeJesus had a horrible 2011 season, it would have been nice if he had returned and try to turn it around, but good luck to him and his family in Chicago.
    That being said, the 2012 Oakland A’s will and should be a new look next year with Sweeney, Miller, Taylor, Mitchell and a free agent to be named roaming the outfield at the O.Co

  • Stan

    Is anon short for A.A.?
    To answer your question..why not? Beane and his main man Geren hammered that take,take,take,crap..Something a team of no names should never do. If your the Yankee’s-sure,the umps will give you the call. The A’s? 0-2 is all they get.

  • Stan

    And you know what I’m tired of? I’m tired of SOME A’s fans saying good riddance to another quality player the A’s lost. Good riddance they said to Matt Holladay..and St Louis hasn’t looked back. Same for Giambi as ridiculous as Beane’s bad luck and judgment is. Well,I should qualify Beane’s WILLFUL bad luck due to his new found love of profits as part owner. Losing buys the Beane’s households many gold toilet fixtures…