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Jon Becker

  • Stan

    Billy Beane on Comcast: Observations. As a student of body language,seeing Beane squirm and get shifty eyed on not very pointed questions was alarming. He even got agitated when asked about why he waits sooo patiently for a 2 and a half years for baseball to make that big decision? Slick Billy shifted in his chair,got tight lipped..and like Lew Wolff,his answer was of seemingly not to mind at all at how long he waits. Like Gobels, Slick and Wolff have the big lie..the BIG LIE that excuses losing and near Dodger like looting of the franchise for the Fisher family’s and groups profits.
    Beanes performance on Comcast outed him as a sham,con artist G.M. that he’s become.