Wrapping up a busy A’s news day

After all the talk about whether Gio Gonzalez or Andrew Bailey might be traded, Trevor Cahill wound up being the first prominent A’s player dealt this winter , getting sent to Arizona along with Craig Breslow for starting pitcher Jarrod Parker, reliever Ryan Cook and outfielder Collin Cowgill. Figure this won’t be the last major A’s trade before spring training. Here’s a few notes and observations, some that made my story for tomorrow’s paper and some that didn’t:

–Doesn’t it seem like just yesterday that Cahill was breaking on to the scene, unexpectedly making the A’s rotation as a rookie along with Brett Anderson in 2009? Back then Cahill was so symbolic of an A’s youth movement that came on the heels of the Dan Haren, Nick Swisher, Joe Blanton and Rich Harden trades. Now he’s on the other end of a rebuilding effort, making room for a new crop of young players. Cahill took the news hard, that was apparent from talking to him on the phone. “I loved playing for Oakland,” he said. “I knew everybody, I got along with everybody, I liked the club. I liked it from the minor leagues all the way up.”

–A’s assistant GM David Forst said trading Cahill does not make the A’s less inclined to trade another starting pitcher. So Gonzalez’s name will continue to fly in rumors. I still think Bailey will be dealt before Gonzalez, just because it will be easier for another team to offer up a package to the A’s liking.

–And if Bailey isn’t the closer in 2012, who will be? I know we’re all kind of assuming Fautino De Los Santos might be the guy. Perhaps, but Forst speaks very highly of Cook, a right-hander who brings a fastball in the high 90’s. Grant Balfour and Brian Fuentes will be options too, but even they might be trade candidates. “It’s too soon to say (if Cook can pitch the ninth),” Forst said. “He closed for (Arizona) in Double-A. It’s not out of the question he could pitch at the end of the bullpen at some point.”

–The A’s have liked Cowgill for a long time. They drafted him back in 2007 out of the University of Kentucky, but he went back to school. Then they wanted him as part of the return package for Brad Ziegler last July (they liked Cook back then too). Cowgill has played lots of center field, though he played the corners last season during his time in the majors because Chris Young was in center for the D-backs. The A’s will give him every chance to win the starting center field job. Cowgill gets high marks from scouts for his competitiveness and the way he goes about playing the game, but one scout told me it’s a “leap of faith” to think he’s an everyday center fielder.

–Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports certainly doesn’t think the A’s are done dealing, as this story reveals.

That’s all for now …

Joe Stiglich

  • Stan

    Susan Slusser was laughed at on Comcast when she claimed -as always- the A’s got a good deal. What she said was almost word for word Joe,what I wrote she had said in 09,10, and well,then she did it again.
    She’s another SF Gate sports writer who is the cross the picket line type..and is VERY freindly to the rotten A’s ownership group. Susan says -this will make a great 2015 A’s team!-lol whoo-hoo. In their pocket..

  • Stan

    Joe must have forgot-Beane and Wolff-got millions(?) in cash. So Dodger like huh?..cashing out the team.
    Btw-That “Athletic Nation”..didnt mention Beane pocketing the cash either.
    Diogenes has sore feet wandering among certain local sports media..

  • Our Oakland A’s are worse than the Kansas City A’s of the 1950’s, where every decent player was traded (back then usually to the Yankees). How can we expect a team of cut-rate minor leaguers to compete for a playoff spot when anyone who shows talent is either traded or allowed to leave w/o arbitration. Billy Beane is a joke…. and A’s ownership is laughing all the way to the bank.

  • Boston…. are you sure you don’t want to deal for Beane? By the time he leaves, the A’s will be a sad team which has re-located to San Jose. No players but “promise”. Where is Charlie Finley when we need him? At least he cared…..

  • Stan

    And-why arent the press telling us HOW MUCH MONEY DID BEANE MAKE LAST YEAR?. Why arent they when as soon as a player signs-we are told?. How much has Beane gotten from that Movie? He poor mouths how Oakland costs him money-tell us Slick,how poor are you?

  • Stan

    Beanes CRAZY MOTIVES outed…It’s pretty obvious that Beane’s crazy world includes trying to outdo Brian Sabean..by LOADING THE NL WEST with former A’s stars.
    Either-to the Dodgers
    Gonzales and Street and Giambi to- Colorado
    Cahill and other to- Arizona.
    Now that just begs the question..did those teams offer the very best in return? Beane couldn’t get ANY better offer from ANY other division?
    The man is a fraud…and jealous to the point he hurts the team.

  • Stan

    Geo and Bailey-to the PADRES!..is next.