A’s sign Barton, Powell, Rosales to one-year deals; tender contracts to Bailey, Gonzalez and others

To update, Barton signed for $1.1 million plus incentives.


The A’s made some minor news today, agreeing to one-year contracts with first baseman Daric Barton, backup catcher Landon Powell and utility infielder Adam Rosales. They also tendered contracts to their six other players eligible for arbitration: Pitchers Andrew Bailey, Gio Gonzalez, Dallas Braden, Brandon McCarthy and Joey Devine, and outfielder Ryan Sweeney.

Tonight was the deadline to tender contracts to arb-eligible players, so there are no non-tenders for the A’s this winter (you’ll remember Jack Cust was a notable non-tender each of the past two years. He became a free agent, though he re-signed with Oakland for the 2010 season).

Contract terms weren’t available for Barton, Powell or Rosales. The other six are now under team control, and the A’s will try to negotiate contracts with each of them. If they can’t agree, the sides will go to arbitration sometime in February to determine one-year salaries for those players. But the A’s usually have good success getting players signed and avoiding arbitration.

I’m not surprised by any of these decisions. Powell and Rosales seemed the most possible non-tender candidates, but Powell has been a solid backup catcher and Rosales can fill in at every infield spot when healthy. And neither player was going to be pricey. A’s officials had mentioned Barton as one of four players who will battle for the first base job (along with Brandon Allen, Chris Carter and Kila Ka’aihue), so I’m not surprised he was tendered.

Keep in mind that tendering contracts to Bailey and Gonzalez does nothing to change their status as serious trade candidates. All it means is that if they’re traded in the coming weeks, their new team will need to negotiate their salary or go to an arbitration hearing.

Joe Stiglich

  • Stan

    Hilarious Joe..Beane is the A’s highest paid player!..six hundred G’s is chump change to Slick. Let’s review-He turns down the Red Sox.he turns down the Cubs, and he stays in Oakland for over 15 years making money hand over fist..for himself.
    “I can’t win in Oakland we are sooo poor” says Beane. Hypocrite! Liar!. If BEANE admits he can’t win here-LEAVE! hit the road Beane man..if your not up to the job..shuttup and go..

  • Stan

    A’s GREED is insane!. That assistant GM?,on the radio he stated that the trade gave the A’s “A chance to turn the clock back a bit”..! WHHAAA? To 2007 or 2008? LAST PLACE!-LOL. It’s just crazy to say that!.
    Oh,Billy-I long for 108 losses and the A’s 15 games out by April 27th!.
    FIRE BEANE.com! ( I wish there was!)

  • Stan

    Slick Billy tells us-he and the Fishers can afford a billion dollar stadium?..just need permission?(that never comes) BUT THEY CAN’T AFFORD GIO?,Willingham,Bailey? on and on?..Does that make sense?
    I smell a Cohan here. I see ruining this team,using the “Permission” excuse as a way to eventually sell the team for a gigantic profit. And like Cohan’s method-just gouge the public, MLB, and be slumlord until then.
    Yep,John Fisher(always needs more) and Wolff’s eyes fell out at Cohans profit..
    Billy Beane-just a despicable GM.

  • DKnight007

    I can kind of understand trading Cahill. Teams caught up to him last year and his lack of having a fastball with any movement. He can’t live on a changeup, without having a legit fastball.

    If they trade Gio, then I will be pissed and of course I’m not happy about letting Willingham leave and then resigning the non existent crappy Daric Barton??

    Oy vey.

    The A’s need a new ballpark in SJ or in Oakland ASAP!

    I think things are moving forward for SJ. The Giants have a obvious front called Stand for San Jose (which is a joke) big corporations in Silicon Valley and the citizens of San Jose want another major league franchise in that city and they want the A’s!!

  • Stan

    GARY RADNICH HATES OAKLAND..today on KNBR Radnich said “There is SO much more sponsorship in San Jose then Oakland. MORON! The A’s play in sponsored O.co! The Warriors in ORACLE Arena!!..WHAT IS THAT?..ohh,companys 25 miles south find Oakland too far to advertise?!-lol..Radnich would destroy the economy of Oakland-AND force the poorest of San Jose to see cuts because of land giveaways,because KNBR and Radnich would benefit. Go to Hades!

  • Stan

    Dnight-your right! and Oakland!..the land is there, simply for a season the A’s can tear down and rebuild..a whole new complex for them and the Raiders-possibly.
    But THESE BILLIONAIREs..will not make ANY compromise,no sacrifice-their spoiled rich why ever do that?..so the effort will not come. They want it free-and easy. The 1% who are destroying this country with no shame at more accumalated wealth. John Fisher and family are parasites on fans.